Bugs that still need to be fixed

-Still can’t go down ladders
-Hooks and Shelves not able to be placed
-Double resources being used when crafting sometimes (MP)
-Loading a MP save looks like you’re loading a new game
-Lighthooks not refunding materials when broken down
-Container Shelves not refunding materials when broken down
-Hobostove not refunding anything when broken.
-Starter Crates hold 10 items but only show 5 items
-Coconut Piles refilling empty coconuts
-raft bases cannot be destroyed if they’re attached on more than one side

Quality of Life (QoL) recommendations
-Motor should still be able to be used as a rudder when it has no fuel in it, just lower sail and continue
-Be able to use a compass while sailing your raft
-Able to place structures (Water Still/Campfire/Loom etc) in buildings. Note if a Water Still is inside it should no longer collect water when it rains
-When placing Farm Plots they should stay flat and level like a foundation
-Ability to attach things behind a raft (Shark carcasses/Barrels/Tyres/Container Walls) for easy transportation
-Barrels should be able to be used for storage
-long press (3 seconds) X to place/retrieve stacks of items


i 99% agree with Lothaer on his post.
the one thing i don’t think would work is attaching container walls behind a raft, since they are solid metal and don’t float, so unless there was a way to attach buoys or barrels to the container walls, towing it behind a raft like the other things he listed won’t work very well.
maybe we just have to make a raft out of all barrels so its very buoyant and can carry the walls without issues, and the bigger the raft, the more walls it could carry before sinking below the water.

also, the water still being under a roof/floor should affect the rain not being able to fill the still, so it’d need to be in open air, maybe on a balcony or roof to get rain water, or just 100% use leaves to fuel it.

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Thank you for your suggestions and feedback Lothaer, and same to you @IceBlueDragon58 - welcome to the forums and thank you for sharing your thoughts.

I’ll pass these onto the team and also go through my reports for the list of issues you mentioned to make sure the team are aware they are still occuring in the current version.


Update OP with hobostove issue same as lighthook and Container shelves

Added new QoL suggestion to the OP

Noted, thank you Lothaer.

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Noooooo not the coconuts. Please sir I just discovered that. Please don’t fix it. It’s saving me so much!

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Boars are still running underwater making them impossible to catch or even find again loosing valuable resources

Boars vanishing into water was mentioned recently but I’ll add you to the count of those who’ve mentioned it after 2104 @Abates

@H3LLFIR3 - Don’t worry, this is a lower priority I think, so it might be a while before this is fixed - so you should have it for a bit longer.

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Oh thank god. Thanks for letting me know

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