[2104] Cannot see piles in multiplayer

Not sure if this happens to anyone else but when ever u make a pile and set it my partner in multiplayer mode they can’t see it and if they make a pile they can’t access and I can’t see

Hi Papabear, welcome to the forums,

I moved your comment it it’s own post in the Console Bug Reports section so I could address it directly.

I know the team are currently working on an issue where piles in multiplayer could cause player 2 to lose interactions if they interacted with a pile, but it is my understanding that is this could also cause other desync issues within multiplayer - this is possibly what you are seeing a version of.

Can you confim for me who is the host and who is player 2 in your description above? It sounds like your partner might be the host based on your description but I want to make sure.

Have you ever been able to see a pile the other created? and have you noticed any other desync issues between the two of you when playing.

Any additional info you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Quick followup papabear,

Have you both been crafting these piles using the quickcrafting menu by any chance?

I am the host when we play together I can create the pile and see them but player 2 can’t see them or create them if player 2 tries to create them they can’t access them. I am the only one out of my he both of us using the quick crafting menu

Hi papabear,

Thanks for confirming that info for me. Based on your description this sounds like an issue the team have been working on a fix for. One involves a desync between the Host and Player 2 when player 2 accesses a pile in multiplayer, and the other is issues that can be triggered when players craft piles in multiplayer.

Unfortunately there is no workaround for this at the moment as the piles can only be crafted through the main crafting menu (my apologies, I should have double checked this before my follow-up question). However the team are working to get a fix for this ready and released as soon as possible.

I’ve also passed the details of your experience onto the team so they can take it into consideration when working on the fix.

Thank you.