Anyone else having issues with saving?

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[PS4][2074][Saving]Occasionally wont save

About once or twice a day my game wont save. It goes to a blue screen, I report it and then its just reloads to my last save once I reopen and load the game. I have gotten used to it but I wish it would be taken care of.

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Hi JayByrd1979,

This may be the same issue that other players are experiencing. I have a post on the issue here: [Known Issue][PS4/XB1] Crashing when saving

Please let me know:

  • Is this a single player or multiplayer save?
  • How established is the save (in game days)
  • Was the save created in the latest version (2074) or was it created in a previous version and updated?
  • Do you experience any FPS drops / lag on your island?
  • When saving are you using a shelter or sleeping bag?
  • Have you noticed any common factors when the game crashes such as save location, time of day, what you did during your gameplay sessions, etc?

Any extra information you can provide would be greatly appreciated as it may help the team in their investigations into what is causing these crashes for players.

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Hi Clare…

  • single player
  • I am currently at 126 days, if you mean how long had it been since I last saved, I save usually 2 to 3 times per game day
  • always saved in the most current version
  • it has happened more often at the shelter but has happened with the sleeping bag as well
  • i honestly cant. i do have a theory that if i wait to long between saves it overwhelms the system with information, which is why I save often.

I will try an be more aware of anything that may cause it.

Thanks for that information JayByrd1979,

With regards to the save version, was the file itself originally created (very first save on this file) in the current version or is it from an older version?

There is an update being rolled out later today which has a few fixes for various issues in the game. Please let me know if you notice any change in the frequency of crashes between after the update to version 2078.

Hi Clare…
I have not had the issue with the update. Ive noticed a few new things which I posted about in another discussion, involving raft base deconstruction and no return when you destroy crates.

Thanks for staying up on this forum!!
I appreciate you!

spoke to soon. just happened. lost a full day of construction. grrr.

Hi JayByrd1979,

First off, thank you for your kind words and support :slight_smile: I saw your other post and responded there a moment ago.

I’m sorry to hear you ended up experiencing a crash when saving, I know how distheartening that can be. Did you notice a drop in FPS leading up to the crash at all or any other indicators that it might happen?

I think as this issue is persisting for you in the latest version it may be helpful for the team to have a look at your save. While they can’t fix and return saves, they would use it to try replicate the issue on their end and for testing fixes to be released to the community as a whole. If you’re happy to do this I have instructions on how to do it here: [Save File Request]

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I didnt notice anything out of the ordinary. I was trying to destroy my raft, as you are aware, so I was getting an abundance of errors due to the “can’t destroy this” message when trying to destroy raft bases. I wonder if that could have anything to do with it? The only thing I have been doing lately, is building which can cause a lot of error messages… just a thought.

I am absolutely more than happy to do anything I can to help.

That’s an interesting point regarding the error messages. I’ll bring it up with the team and see if they can replicate it using what you described.

If you’re able to send the file too that’d be awesome… there’s so many ways players can play the game or the orders things can be done in that seeing a player save can be super helpful. If not, no worries, but do let me know if you send it so I can dive in and retrieve it :slight_smile:

I will take care of this this weekend. I have family in town for Thanksgiving.

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Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving!