[2071] Interactions Issue

I’m on day 19 and went to another island and got back to my camp and couldn’t save it or anything couldn’t even go into my boxes or start my fire all I got was a white dot on everything. I think this update has made the game worse. I love the game but having to quit the game to go into it to correct it. My character keeps going hungry and thirsty even though he’s been eating and drinking. Please fix it

Hi Shelly, welcome to the forums

I moved your post to a new topic instead of keeping it in the comments section of another post.

I believe the issue you are refering to is the interaction issue. This is one the team is aware of and are currently working on the fix for. You can find more information on this issue as well as some workarounds that players have been using here: [Known Issue][PS4/XB1] Loss of interactions

While I understand the workarounds are not ideal, I hope they may be able to help while the team continue to work on the fix for this.

Thank you when will it be fixed please

We do not have a date for the fix release yet, Sam has a post here on the process for releasing a fix for console - [PS4/XB1] Dev Update on Interaction Bug

As soon as we have information on the fix being released, there will be an update posted on the forums.

I’m still going through loads of food and water my sun cream doesn’t last long i now cannot build a base for my raft ive given up on the game just seems issue after issue

I am sorry to hear you are still experiencing issues Shelly. The team are aware of the food, water and SPF/UV issues and are investigating.

I understand these issues can be frustrating, if you wish to share more details on the issue with your base for your raft I will pass it onto the team and may also be able to offer suggestions depending on what the issue is.