[XBOX SX] [2104] Continue Option Missing & Missing Chests


My first world decided to not let me continue after 40 days played. I saved on a bunkbed in open ocean, and now it just shows new game under “play”, yet over on the left side it shows my days played n saved game.

I got mad and ragequit for a couple of days.

I started a new world last night and grinded a ton today to try and catch up a bit. When I logged in this morning, my raft storage boxes were all floating in the air next to the shelves, and 3 of them were flat out missing.

The raft itself had 2 of it’s pieces unattached and floating under water, and when I stepped onto the raft it swapped my view to angled.

I broke most of what I could off of it, plopped my storage containers on the beach and made a new raft. I saved the game and logged off, but during the log off screen I heard a wood breaking noise, and when I loaded back into the game, all of my chests (the 9 remaining from the previous bug) were gone.

I just want to finish the game, but 2 game breaking things happening within the first week is not a coincidence. Are there any ways to fix these issues?

Replying with an update.

So on game 2 (chests disappearing) I went back to the starter island after collecting stuff on other islands with a new raft.

Under the center of the island, I can hear raft sounds with some small pieces sticking up through the ground, as well as being able to loot two of my missing boxes through the floor.

So somehow the game teleports missing/glitched items straight to the spawn point, but hides them under the mesh.

Hi Raiziell, welcome to the forums,

Sorry for my delay in responding to your post. I am sorry these issues have affected your save and thank you for taking the time to follow up with further information. I have a few additional questions below about your experience if you don’t mind.

Regarding not being able to continue the first save you mentioned.

  • Have you been able to access this save at all?

  • If you check the save data on your Xbox, can you see the save data for the file you cannot access? (Please note if your new world was started in the same slot with the same gametype, this data would be overwritten.)

  • You mentioned you saved in the middle of the ocean, is there a chance you saved at the halfway point between two islands? If this is the case it may be similar to an issue reported by another player.

  • Would this have been the first time you saved, quit and tried to reload the game or had you reloaded with success before?

  • As you mention being able to see the number of days for your saved game in the main menu, I assume this was a single player save?

  • Did you try clearing the cache of the console by shutting down and unplugging for 2 minutes or removing all Stranded Deep data and backing up saves before doing a fresh reinstall when attempting to access your save?

Issues with crates on the second save.

  • When you saved and reloaded the game, did you save on the raft in the ocean or on land?

  • You mentioned grinding a bit, how long would you estimate your gameplay session was?

  • How many crates and container shelves did you have by the end of the session?

  • Was this the first save and reload of this save when this issue occurred?

The issue with items teleporting to a central location on the island is something the team are investigating, and your report matches that of another player and may link the issues with the crates moving to the issues with items teleporting to the center of the island - this excellent info for the team to have and thank you again for the update.

Unfortunately for these issues I do not know of any workarounds that may prevent them from happening and I’m sorry you’ve experienced both within such a short space of time - I understand how frustrating and disheartening issues that impact gameplay and progress can be for players.

The team are however investigating and working on fixes for issues reported by players and I will update the relevant reports with the information you have shared and highlight the potential links for the team.

If you notice anything else within these saves, please do not hesitate to let me know, as all info can be valuable to the team when working to recreate these issues internally and work on fixes for them.

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Hi again Raiziell,

I was following up on other posts on the forums and player Xfearthehiddenx, who reported a similar issue with not being able to continue their save, shared a potential workaround for the issue.

In their experience the were unable to continue a multiplayer save but had no single player save in the same slot. They loaded a new single player game in the save slot, progressed enough to get a shelter, saved and quit the game. Upon returning to the menu, the option to continue for both saves in the same slot was now available.

If the save you could not access still exists in a slot on it’s own, would it be possible for you to try the same using a private multiplayer game in the same slot?

While the team still need to investigate what triggers this issue for some players and not for others, knowing how effective the workaround is for those that experience the issue could be a great help in resolving it.

Thank you

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Sorry for the delay here. I ended up just starting over and never fully logging out until I finished the game (XB Quick Resume ftw). In regards to your other reply about trying a multiplayer in the original slot and saving, that didn’t work either. Continue does pop up, but it only has an option for multiplayer.

Thanks for following up!


  • I am still unable to access the original save in slot 1, it still shows the days played.

  • The data does exist in the Xbox game management.

  • The middle of the ocean save was maybe 10ft off of the megalon spawn point.


  • This save was on land, near my raft.

  • I’m going to assume about 5 hours of straight sailing around and filling my raft chests

  • Max raft size, full crate storage racks on every piece aside from the sail/rudder.

  • This slot was saved/loaded many times to check the map as I draw it and X the visited islands off.

Hi Raizell,

Thank you for answering my questions and providing that extra info, it’s much appreciated.

Regarding save 1, the team believes they have found what caused this issue and it is my understanding related to saving out in the ocean. They are currently working on a fix for this version of the issue. The other one the workaround I described works for appears to occur from the first save for players. While it is unfortunate the same workaround does not work in your case, I appreciate you trying and it helped me to highlight aspects of the two different issues for the team members investigating.

Thank you also for detailing what occurred in save 2. I will pass this onto the relevant team members and hopefully they can use the details you provided to replicate the issue on their side and in turn find the cause.

You mentioned playing without logging out til you finished the game. The team are working on a fix for issues that can prevent story/endgame items from being crafted. Were you affected by this at all? Did you reach the end of the game and craft all items?

If there’s anything else you wish to report, please do not hesitate to do so and I will pass it onto the team.

Thank you again.

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Awesome CS by the team!

I was able to craft all of the items and finish the game on that final save.

I’ve seen posts on Reddit n such about people crafting a couple end game items early on, and then being locked out later, so I crafted them all while I was by the plane.

I’ve just had the same issue happen with my game! I’m so so upset as I’ve been playing for 2 weeks off and on. I’m on day 64, made a massive raft and base. I’ve killed 2 of 3 bosses and was looking for the 3rd boss so i could finish the game.

I saved then went to main menu to look at my cartographer map. It was at this point i could no longer get into my saved game. It says the saved game is still there in the slot but there is no option to continue only to start a new game.

Had i known this would happen i would have just stayed logged in and not backed out. I also was in the ocean between islands.

I’m super disappointed, this game had a lot if bugs and could have been so much more.

Did you try the fix that the rep posted above? Use the same slot for a multiplayer save, save at a lean-to, and then back out to the menu.

Continue should pop up, and for some people it gives them the choice of their single player game back.

Ya that was no help to me at all. I’ve lost my game man. Sucks big time.

Damn, if it’s any consolation, I was able to start a new game and beat it within like 5 hours. It’s not ideal, but its what I did when I was about to give up on the game.

Hi Joedaddy86,

Welcome to the forums. I’m sorry to hear this issue has affected your save also and I appreciate you taking the time to share the details of your experience as well as feedback. I completely understand that you would be very disappointed, especially when close to the last boss.

I am also sorry to hear that the potential workaround did not have an affect on you accessing your save.

The team are continuing to work on this issue to resolve it as quickly as possible and if I recieve any updates from them I’ll post it in - [Known Issue][* v.2104 *] "Continue" option for save not displaying in main menu - which I believe you’ve already posted in.

I decided to start a new game by this time I’m not gonna build a giant house and just make what i need to try to beat the game quickly. Its killing me i have to beat this game.

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Is there a fix for the issue where the continue option is gone?
I am using the cloud streaming and was on day 102 and in the middle of ocean looking for Lucas and went to Cartographer and when I returned to game it only offered to start new……what a waste of time….very disappointing.

Hi Mjn527, welcome to the forums,

I have responded to your post in the Known Issues topic for this issue (linked above).

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