XBox One -2078 Stuck on Clean Up Screen


Day 48, travelled to a smaller island. Built a shelter and went to save and the game completely froze. Restarted XBox and now stuck on the cleaning up screen, unable to load.

Was not able to get the seed number.

Normal settings, no custom islands.

First time this has happened, had no issues prior to the update.

Restarted console, uninstall and reinstalled the game, still nothing has worked.

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I have had the same issue . Last two days I’ve played the game different days different levels of build in the game an it will freeze after saving won’t allow me to do anything so I exit the game to restart an it’s stuck on cleanup when loading the game. This has happen on 4 different saves in the last two days for me . I won’t be playing anymore till this gets fixed

Hi @LilSweetness101 and @Tylerdestroyer-1 - welcome to the forums

I’m sorry to hear you’ve both been affected by this issue and appreciate you taking the time to report your experience here.

LilSweetness101 - was the island you travelled to one you’d never been to before on your map and did you notice any issues when traveling such as lag when loading the new island or items you would have expected to be on the island were missing? (trees, animals etc)

Tylerdestroyer-1 - Can you confirm for me if you traveled to an island and saved or traveled to an island and back and saved when these freezes happened? I understand you not wanting to play until the team addresses this issue. Please also let me know if you are playing on XB1 also or if you are playing on PS4.

Incase either of you have not seen it, there is a known issues post on the topic here: [Known Issue][PS4/XB1] Stuck in "Cleaning Up" phase on load. Please note that this topic covers both the original occurance of this issue, the hotfix and now the experience of this issue by a number of players since 2078. Please see the top post which starts with the most recent updates.

Xbox series x is what I play on

Thank you for confirming you platform for me Tylerdestroyer-1