Xbox Coop Disconnection

Xbox Series S Game Version 2116

Hey Devs,
So recently I’ve just downloaded and been playing for a few weeks in Coop and been noticing how my friend will get disconnected after about an hour or so of playing. We’ve tried restarting our console, uninstalling and reinstalling the game, and checking our internet connection, and nothing seemed to have worked. So I would have to back out the game and invite her in all over again (Hint: would be a great idea if we could still send invites while in the game if we’re the host to avoid backing all the way out to the main menu) and once she comes back all of her stuff is gone on her screen but if I go and look in her crate I can see all her inventory.


Left the settings the same didn’t change anything but my controls.

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Hi XDaniliciousX, welcome to the forums,

Thank you for taking the time to share your experience of this issue. I’m sorry to hear it has affected your save.

Please let me know:

  • Has the issue with disconnecting only started occurring after 1 hour for you, or has this occurred recently and you’ve been able to play without disconnects up to this point?
  • Is your friend on a XBox Series S also?
  • What is the NAT type of both consoles?
  • Are you in the same household on the same connection or are you in separate households?
  • If the issue only just started occurring for you, do you recall what progress you had made in game up to that point and what in-game day you experienced it on?
  • Did you change any settings around the time this issue started occurring?
  • Do the same issues occur if your friend hosts a save?
  • Have you noticed anything that can trigger the disconnect, such as traveling or using certain items?
  • What router and ISP are you using? The team knows of issues between Spectrum and the service that is used to host Multiplayer, but we’re asking to see if there are any other common services mentioned by players too.
  • Before she disconnects from a gameplay session, can player 2 see everything in the crates without issue?
  • When you say you changed the controls, are you referring to switching to a different controller map or inverting the Y axis? Please also let me know if this was done around the same time the issues started or it was changed from the beginning. This likely isn’t related but when the team is trying to replicate conditions, every detail can help.

The issue with items not appearing in crates for player 2 is an issue the team is aware of and occurs as a result of Player 2 desyncing from the host. The work around for the issue is for the host to remove all items from the crate and replace them. Player 2 will then be able to see the contents inside, but this can reset once the game is reloaded and is understandably not ideal as a workaround for players with large amounts of crates.

Other than disconnects and crate issues, have you noticed any other desyncs in what each of you see or experience when playing?

I understand that these issues can become annoying when they happen during a gameplay session and also thank you for your feedback regarding inviting while in game. Any additional information you can provide about your experience would also be greatly appreciated by the team members investigating this issue.

Thank you.

So we both have the same console and we’re in different household. It’s literally when we get to a certain amount of days all ■■■■ start to go left. We even tried switching who was the host to see if the host was the problem, however it’s not because it did the same exact thing. Disconnect within an hour or so or start to lag or while islands would disappear from the screen. The multiplayer mode on console in general should just be updated all together, its really a fun game, well after all the bugs are fixed of course.

Hi XDaniliciousX,

Thank you for that additional information and your feedback on multiplayer mode as well. I will pass the info you have shared above onto the team members investigating multiplayer desyncs and disconnects.

If you are able to confirm ISP and Router too, that would be helpful in keeping track of common factors for those reporting this issue.

If you notice any other desyncs occurring please do let me know and I will pass any additional information onto the team.

Thank you again.

[Xbox series x] (×2) same household, usa west coast, direct tethering to cox modem, coop. We constantly drop as well. And have experienced the crate mishap. I would really love the suggestion above implimemted to allow host to send invite again while in game would save so much time. Specially for those of us who do private only with the same individual the whole game. Ofcourse fixing the need for consyant dropping would be nice but in the meantime this would be awesome.