[PS5/4] Items spawning outside of crates not visible for player 2 inside

I am having the same issue. Guest player see items spawning outside of crates, while the host player sees them inside the crates as normal. Restarting the game and reloading the server multiple times doesn’t fix the issue. The only “band-aid” solution I’ve found is for the host player to remove all items from the crate, then put them all back. After that, the guest player sees them inside the crate as normal, but only for that particular crate. You have to manually do this for all crates individually.

As a side note, I’ve also noticed the long load times happening after this starts occurring.

Server hosted on PS5, guest player connected via PS4.

Hi @Sentinel, welcome to the forums,

I moved your comment to its own thread so I could ask you questions about your experience directly and keep information about your experience in the one spot. This can make it easier for the team when the reference bug reports.

Thank you for reporting your own experience of this issue. I am sorry to hear this has affected your game as well. I have some additional questions if you don’t mind…

Can you please confirm for me:

  • You are playing version 2116 of Stranded Deep (this number is in the bottom left of the main menu)
  • What in-game day are you on?
  • Do you recall what in-game day the issue started occurring on or has it occurred since the beginning of your save?
  • If the issue started to occur after some time, can you recall what progress you had made in the game up to that point?
  • Are you in the same household on the same connection with player 2, or are you in separate households?
  • If you’re on the same connection, are you using wired or wireless connections or a mixture of both?
  • What ISP and router are you using?
  • What is the NAT type of both players (this info is in the console network settings)
  • If player 2 hosts a save instead, does the same issue occur?
  • You mentioned restarting and reloading the game does not resolve the issue. Are you referring to resolving the issue entirely? Or does a reload not reset the items seen floating outside of the crates for player 2?
  • In the post you originally commented on, EmoGal223313 mentioned that they noticed the issue occurring after they had changed the wildlife setting. Do you recall any setting changes around the time this issue started occurring for you?
  • EmoGal223313 also mentioned all audio is lost for their player 2. Does the same occur in your game or does the auto remain for player 2?

Any additional information you can give would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

I’m having the same periodic disconnection issues with player 2 when playing coop on PS4/PS5 as well (in my case, the PS5 was the host, and the PS4 player joined). It does seem like player 2 disconnects after about an hour or two of playtime.

I’m also experiencing this issue on PS4/PS5 (in my case, the PS5 is hosting co-op, and the PS4 player joins the server as a guest). Occasionally, the guest player is not be able to see certain items that the host player can see. It has occurred with items dropped on the ground by the host player. It has also occurred with structures crafted by the host player, such as the shelter. It has also occurred with parts of structures crafted by the host player, such as the floor of a boat or an anchor. In all cases, the items are visible to the host player and invisible to the guest player. Usually when this happens, we have to save our game and restart the server and then the invisible items will become visible to the guest player. But we shouldn’t have to do this. We are using the latest version of the game as of the date of this post (July 17th 2023).


Hi Sentinel, I spotted your other comments and moved them here as they’re all reported by you. Can you confirm it’s all occuring in the same save or are they spread across multiple saves?

Typically everything you’ve noted here is commonly reported by users experiencing desync, and the questions in my post are relevant to each.

I understand that these issues can be frustrating for players and can disrupt the flow of gameplay. Any additional information you can provide I’ll pass onto the team members working on multiplayer issues.

Thank you.

See my responses below in bold.

I have 2 co-op saves. I have one co-op save that I play with my daughter, and a second co-op save that I play with my son. Both saves have experienced all 3 of these issues (container issue, invisible items issue, and disconnection issue).

Hi Sentinel,

Thank you for taking the time to answer each of my questions. I have passed these details onto the team members investigating desyncs in multiplayer. The timescale of when these issues start to occur matches with what other players have reported.

Regarding your connection, the team is aware of issues that can occur between Spectrum and the service used to manage multiplayer connections for Stranded Deep. If at all possible, trying to play a session via a different provider or mobile hotspot may help to rule out if this is the root of the issue in this case. Should you try this, please do let me know if it changes anything about gameplay. I do however understand that this is not always easy to do for players.

Thank you.

I’ve noticed another issue, so I’m posting it here alongside the previous issues we’ve experienced.

While playing a co-op session and building a raft, both the host player and player 2 can initially manipulate the raft by dragging it around (Left trigger - L2). Usually they are able to do this during the same game session that the raft was built. But at some later point in time, player 2 will lose the ability to manipulate the raft by dragging it around. Which is a big deal for player 2, because it may result in player 2 becoming stranded on an island because they are not able to drag their raft back into the water. Which means the host player would have to come and rescue player 2 by dragging the raft into the water for them. This means that player 2 is basically tethered to and dependent upon the host player for travel, and it discourages player 2 from going off to explore islands on their own.

We think this issue occurs whenever you stop playing the co-op session in which the raft was built, and then later load up the same co-op save game and begin playing again. Something about reloading the co-op game seems to break player 2’s ability to drag pre-existing rafts around. After this issue occurs with the first raft, if we were to build a second raft, player 2 is able to manipulate/drag around the second raft (but still not the first raft). But the issue occurs again after we stop playing the session, and then later reload and begin playing again. At that point, the second raft is also affected, and player 2 loses their ability to drag/move the second raft as well.

This issue is occurring on both of my co-op saves, (one with my son as player 2, and one with my daughter as player 2). As the host player, I am having to manipulate their rafts for them.

Hi Sentinal,

Thank you for reporting this additional issue you’ve noticed when playing Stranded Deep. The team are aware of an issue that prevents player 2 from moving the raft. I believe they’ve found the fix for this, and that that it is due to be included in the next update. I don’t have an exact release date for this update but it is my understanding that it is expected to release soon, once it has received approval from Sony and Microsoft.

I completely understand the impact this can have on gameplay for Player 2 and appreciate your feedback on it also. If after this update, Player 2 still experiences issues with dragging the raft around, please let me know and I will follow up with the team about it.

Thank you.