Xbox. Can't interact

Since the multi-player update the game stops interacting. I am currently on day 41 stuck on an island and can’t cook, drink, use boat, kill anything, or access crates. Can’t pick anything up either. In multi-player by day 3 we are having this same issue.

Same here my I’m on day 8 and I had to quit playing my other saved game because since the update I can’t I tract with anything…it’s sucks because I was on day 41 with my other saved game and I started over and it’s like I can’t even play the game…this should not be an issue after the game has been out this long

I’ve had the game 2 weeks. I’ve restarted multiple times and finally got a setup I liked. Day 41, half the achievements completed, already lit fires on 15 islands and was getting ready to start the boss fights, then they update and game turned to trash. They should get rid of the update till they figure out the issue. In multi-player me and a friend made it to day 3 before it glitches. And we’ve tried 5 times. Never got past day 3. Guess it’s time to play something else and maybe they’ll get this issue fixed later. It’s just disappointing

Hi @Carl l and @usmarine88, welcome to the forums

This is an issue the team are aware of and are currently investigating. I have a Known Issues post on it here: [Known Issue][PS4/XB1] Loss of interactions and while we do not have any workarounds I will be updating that post if any are found.

Currently players are reporting this issue can occur in a cycle for them. Have you noticed if you stay in the game, do interactions come back?
You may also be able to interact with items close to or below the water level (bigger items may require crouching - have you found this to be the case in your game?
Please also let me know if you recall anything you did around the time (or shortly before) the issue triggered such as sailing, harvesting plants etc, and do you recall hearing any noises that seemed out of place?

I understand how frustrating this issue can be for players and any extra details you provide would be greatly appreciated as they can help the team in their investigation.

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Im not sure if this helps, but just before I was unable to interact with things I created a tool belt, put it on , and then added the hammer to the toolbelt

Thanks for that info sclark2410 - I’ll make a note of it

Before the update, if you harvested 3 or more full islands and took them to your home base, the fame would overload the ram and start lagging. Also it would partially void interaction with objects. Meaning you could use everything, you just had to stand and wait for the ram to catch up and recognize what you were trying to do. This is on xbox one x. Since the update, I haven’t hoarded everything on a single island. If I strip an island I stack everything in piles and take only what I need for what I am doing at the time. After 3 islands the game does lag but it isn’t as bad. When it starts the lag, I know I have close to 30 real time minutes and I won’t be able to do anything. The crouching to interact only lasts for about 20 minutes then I lose that ability too. It reminds me of playing age of conquerors on windows 98. When 4 player hit their 200 max population the servers and everyone’s pc would max out and the game would move 4 steps every 5 minutes. And eventually people would start locking up depending on who had the slowest pc first. Since the update, food, water, and uv rays have been sped up. Uv now hits at 10 am instead of 1 to 2 like it used too. Water usage and food usage is sped up considerably from 10 am to about 4 pm now with the extreme uv. During those times of the game, my xbox goes from temp of 110, to 121. (Yes, I do use an external thermometer on my xbox) do the same things at night when food and water and uv isn’t as problematic, my xbox is running as many commands in the back ground to keep up. I have 2 games going right now. One is on day 6 and locked. I did normal play with island hopping and after the 3rd island it locked down. The other is on day 13, I am doing the absolute minimum to survive and it is still going. I’ve only been to one other island and harvested. And from 10 am to 5 pm I sit in the shade and do nothing. Very boring game playing it that way. However, today I will have to hit another island for supplies so I can keep crafting tools to survive. I’ll let you know what happens later. I hope you folks can figure this issue out soon. This is one of my favorite survival games so far.

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Hi Carl,

Thank you for that detailed account and what you’ve experienced in other saves. Please do keep me updated with your current save. Would your third island ever have anything in common such as being a island with cliffs or similar?

The lag relation is interesting too, I’ll forward this all onto the team for their consideration.

So I played the game that I was on day 13 of very little activity. On day 14 the game commands started glitches. So I did the crouching to get water and interact. By day 16 that stopped working. I eventually died of thirst, but any activity I want to do under water still worked. Only when you spear fish, they would float to the top and you couldn’t keep them. I never made it to another island for supplies.

Hi Carl,

Thank you for those extra details. Your experience matches up with what other players are describing for the most part but I will make a note for the team that interactions above water were lost completely after about 2 in-game days.

Hi Clare. Would just like to share some of my experiences so far
I’m playing on xbone and have tried 4 playthroughs, 3 multiplayer (albeit alone), and one on a new traditional, single player playthrough. The first 3 tries all ended up with the interaction bug after 10-14 game days. I decided to do a traditional single player playthrough on the 4th attempt to see if it affected even that mode. After 9 days, it did as well. In the last 2 playthroughs I only made it to 2 islands, bug hitting 9-10 days in on that 2nd island. The 1st 2 playthroughs I briefly went to a third island. This was the only big island I visited (giant crabs, snakes, hog), but I never interacted with any wildlife.
I’m also noticing some other issues-the odd item dropping through the sand on the beach (planks, hoe, fronds), spf being affected WAY longer than it used to be (basically 7:00am-6:00pm as opposed to 8:00am-3:00pm before), info on the top of my watch being in super-small front size. These items are bothersome in their own way and should be changed. The interaction bug however, makes the game unplayable completely.

So with the interaction that it bugs out every time I went to this island it bugged out it has a boat that’s on the island also it seems to bug out for me at 7:25 am and it’s on day 6 but I kinda messed up me and my friend saved it so now everytime we come in it messes up we have like a few seconds to hit stuff then the bug comes

Hi @Doogleplex and @Ericmanriquez - welcome to the forums and thank you for sharing your experience of the issue.

In case you haven’t seen it yet, I updated my post on this issue yesterday: [Known Issue][PS4/XB1] Loss of interactions

Doogleplex - did you see snakes in your game or are you refering to the island type that you traveled to? I’ve also already submitted reports to the team on the other issues you mentioned.

I just went to a big island (where snakes normally would be), but I stayed for only a brief time so I never had animal interactions there. Since then however, I have gone to a big island and-found no snakes! Hog, boars, giant crabs, yes-just no snakes.I would also like to add that I can confirm the daytime bat noise when swimming underwater on my island. I THINK it was happening in specific spots near wrecks, on 2 separate islands. Definitely underwater though! Funny thing with the bat too, I killed one before encountering the underwater noise and dropped it onto the sand where it then sank through. Managed to get it back though by searching where I dropped it. That makes bats, hoes, fronds, planks that I have experienced sinking in the sand. Anyways, thank you for your follow-up with me. I know the team
will get to the bottom of this soon. Great game btw. Thank you Clare for your perseverance in this frustrating time! God bless.

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Just a quick note…managed to get the underwater, daytime bat noise on a new island. Can confirm it’s only underwater when you hear it. This time it happened in a spot AWAY from any wrecks. Also, this playthrough I’m currently on is on a new, random map, single player, xbone, wildlife removed, no volumetric clouds, first person,didn’t even touch a paddle on life raft, all from the very start. Unfortunately, I got the interaction bug on day 9 while on a 3rd island. Went to a 4th island and was able to play bug-free for about 1 game day, then the bug hit there, too. A few people early on thought the bug seemed to hit a short while after creating farm plots. This has been consistant with me also, but possibly co-incidental, because that’s usually around the time I start farming {8-9 days in}. Some said it was after planting yuccas…in my game I hadn’t planted anything yet, just built 3 plots. Anyhow, hope this helps.

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Hi Doogleplex,

Thank you for those extra details on your experience with the interact issue and for confirming you’ve heard the bats without being near any wrecks, I’ll inform the team as this will change the investigation for the bat sounds.

Thank again for all that information :slight_smile:

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Just went to a bigger island (1 snake hog, 2 giant crab, no boars, no 2nd snake), and went on a double-decker wreck that was sitting high in the water (upper deck exposed above water completely). Went aboard and heard bat noises, midday, ABOVE the water!! Went in the cabin and the noises were REAL load, like I was right next to them! Heard the sounds underwater as well

Interesting! - thank you for that update Doogleplex, so they are not exclusive to being underwater (even though that’s the most common version reported). I’ll inform the team and update my report for them accordingly.

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