[Xbox][2104] Issues Observed in Multiplayer

Hi Beamteam,

I wanted to provide some feedback on behalf of myself and another player. I understand that much of what I have to provide has already been discussed or is an item that you are aware of that needs fixed.

Platform: Xbox
Game version: 2104

Issues Observed:
-Player 2 cannot see contents of crates (Fix, player 1 take out contents and replace)
-Islands disappear as you approach them on raft, reload as you get very close
-When defeating bosses in multiplayer, unable to craft sea monster trophies or obtain plane part (crafting menu still blank).
-Cannot craft shelves.
-In multiplayer, the game does not track progress towards crafting items from session to session in order to earn the “Gotta craft them all” achievement. Is this something that will be fixed in the future?

Is there an expected date for the next update?

Thank you!

Hi @Jturner, Welcome to the forums,

Thank you for your feedback and reporting the issues you have seen in Multiplayer. I moved your post to its own topic so I could ask some questions about some things you mentioned.

Islands disappear on approach:

  • Can you confirm for me if this happens for the host, Player 2 or both when it’s seen in game?

  • Does it happen with all islands or do you notice it only happens when you’re arriving back to a base island (if you have one)

  • Please also let me know if you’ve noticed a difference between it occuring for custom islands instead of game-generated islands.

Progress towards “Gotta Craft Them All” not tracked:

  • Please confirm for me if you notice all of the colours change behind the items in the crafting menu after reloading the game, or if it appears to be different items are registered as uncrafted each session (the second version of this was reported recently by another player and I wanted to double check if this could be the same issue occurring)

  • Do both the host and Player 2 see the same items are reset / untracked?

  • When crafting and saving, are you doing so on a game generated or custom island?

Regarding the other issues you mentioned, the team are actively working on and testing fixes for these. I unfortunately do not have any info on an expected release day for the next update yet, but I will create a new post in News and Announcements as soon as I know more.

In case you haven’t seen it, the latest progress update on this is here: Message from the Team - Console Update Progress Info

Thank you again for reporting these issues. If there is any extra info you can provide about the issues I mentioned above, it would be greatly appreciated by the team as it can help them to investigate further if it is a new issue or I can add the info to my reports for the team if they match an issue the team is already aware of.

Hi @Clare,

Thank you for your response!

Islands disappear on approach

  • I can confirm that the islands do disappear for both the host player and player 2 while in game.

  • This issue appears to happen on a sporadic basis… I can confirm that this occurs with all islands from time to time (including our base island). I will say I noticed the game began to do this around day 50 of our save. Around day 50 of our save, we began to build onto our island hut, and had built many crafting items for our base island.

  • I can confirm that this issue has occurred for game-generated islands only. We have not generated any custom islands.

Progress towards “Gotta Craft Them All” not tracked

  • I can confirm that no items will remain tracked from session to session. During a session, after an item is crafted, the color behind the item will turn from grey to brown. Even after a save and exit from the session, when the session is loaded back up, the color behind that crafted item will revert back to grey (as if it was never crafted). This occurs for both the host and player 2.

  • Correct, both the host and player 2 see the same issue where items are reset/untracked.

  • When crafting and saving, we are doing so on a game generated island (more specifically most saves have occurred on our base island (spawn island) and occasionally on our sleeping bag on another island or at sea).

I appreciate the quick response and am happy to see the team is open to such feedback! :slight_smile:

Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions and provide additional information Jturner. My apologies for the delay in responding to you.

I’ve submitted a report to the team with the details of your experience with the island disappearing and reappearing. While I am not a dev, my theory would be that this is occurring at the point where the game switches the island you’re approaching from a preview to starting to load in the island and items themselves. With the information on when you noticed it starting and what kind of items you were crafting and building around then, hopefully the team should be able to replicate the issue internally to investigate it further.

I’ve also added your details to a pre-existing report about crafting progress resetting. As there are a few issues with the crafting menu (such as items in the story tab not unlocking when they’re supposed to) the team are currently working through these issues. I cannot confirm if this particular instance will be resolved in the next update, but with various crafting issue fixes being worked on, please do let me know if the issue continues to persist for you when the next version is released.

And of course if you notice anything else, please do not hesitate to let me know. Even if it’s an issue the team is already aware of a player’s personal experience of the issue can reveal details about an issue that can be valuable to the team.

Thank you again :slight_smile: