[XB1SX] [2009] Raft Sections Removal issues

Raft section with 2 adjacent sections can’t be removed. The floor and shelf on them can be removed but the raft itself can not. Attempting to hit it with an axe gives an “Can’t destroy this. It supports other buildings” dialog.

I have attempted to remove all other sections adjacent but they give the same message.

Cache has been cleared.

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Thank you for that image and information Nghtrdr. This is an issue the team are aware of, we’ve a known issue post here - [Known Issue] Deconstruction of raft bases
This is a great shot of the message that appears for players though and I shall share it with those investigating.

Unfortunately there isn’t a workaround for it. If you have more than one save, please let me know if you have found if it affects all saves. I’m trying to help track why this issue occurs for some players and not for others.

Also, as a side note I personally want to thank you for separating out the Bug Reports with clear titles and information as you have been. This makes my job much easier and I hugely appreciate it.

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Hey Clare,
I appreciate the point in the right direction regarding known issues. I didn’t think to look and will in the future.
I have no issue separating them now that I worked out how your system works. Unfortunately I currently don’t have multiple saves. If I do in the future I will remember to report back.


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No worries at all, and thanks again :smile:

I happen to have the same issue on multiple saves. It seems to happen mostly when you connect a corner or central base section to the raft. It won’t affect pieces that only have one base attached to them, though. Just the pieces that have 2 or more bases connected to them.

I think this issue is caused by how the game is reading the positions of adjacent bases when determining if the piece is crucial to the raft structure when attempting to remove the targeted base. It’s likely missing a code to determine where the attached bases are in relation to the base you’re wanting to break down, as the game seems to be treating it as though the target is a central piece instead of a corner in most cases.

Hopefully this thought helps you guys find a fix for the raft base situation. I wasn’t sure where the main thread was for this issue, so I posted my reply here instead in hopes that you would see it.

Thanks for that info Shokujin - Most of the main threads would be under “Known Issues” here - https://forums.strandeddeepgame.com/c/console-bug-reports/known-issues/10

If in doubt about a bug report, feel free to create a new issue for it if you like. I go through posts daily (mon-fri and occassional weekends) so it wont be missed!