[XB1S&X][2104][GAMEPLAY] raft construct- deconstruct issue

When constructing a raft with tires center,sticks on each side of tires and buoys all around them you can not deconstruct the raft after building anything on it once you remove everything from it…have tried clearing cache reinstalling and even starting a new save…which I recreated the event in 2 new saves doing the same thing… issue never resolves and effects going forward in the game…

Hi Greywolf0078, welcome to the forums,

Thank you for your report. This is a known issue that the team have created a fix for and should be released within the next update - unfortunately I don’t have a release date for that yet.

There is no workaround that works for every player but sometimes players have found trying to deconstruct the base parts from underneath by flipping or turning the raft on it’s side may help. In some cases it is also possible to break parts that are attached by one side only.

Please let me know if you find success with either of those suggestions above.

Thank you.

I am experiencing this problem also, together with the inability to reclaim container shelves is proving to be frustating. What is concerning is the fact the problem issue for raft bases has been known on Xbox since Feb 2022 & it still hasn’t been rectified yet. The reply to your query says a fix is available to be in next update, but no info on when update is to be released, come on now this issue along with many others should have been resolved by know, it is to eay to fob off with we can fix problem, but don’t know when we will do it. I for one just want to be able to play game without so many issues spoiling it.

Hi Electro, welcome to the forums and thank you for your feedback,

I understand that this issue has been a long standing one and has been frustrating for players who wish to modify their rafts.

Unfortunately due to the process to finalising updates and submitting them to Sony and Microsoft, estimating the release date at this point is very difficult. As soon as we know when the issue will be released and a list of what the contents of the update will be are confirmed, it will be posted in News and Announcements. In case you haven’t seen it yet, this was the latest update from the team: Message from the Team - Console Update Progress Info

I found what causes the issue and can re create it everytime. It happens after putting the container holders on and removing them they don’t remove or deconstruct in game like everything else seems the glitch is in them until they are used everything works great…found this issue also happens in a building…they also cause containers to vanish on reloading saves and when the island reloads upon return from sea

Hi Greywolf0078,

Thank you for that info. I believe what you are experiencing is some different issues that the team is working on fixes for.

The team are investigating an issue regarding containers reshuffling or moving from container shelves (some are sometimes teleported to the center of the island) after a save reload or area reload. Some players have found that only crates they collected from custom islands had been affected when they exceeded 30-50 crates. I’m not sure if this is the same in your case, but the effects of the issue sound the same.

Regarding container shelves on raft base pieces, I have reported this to the team for them to look into but the issue with raft pieces not deconstructing for some players can occur even without container shelves being involved.

The shelves themselves, like some like hooks, do not give feedback when destroyed and do not refund items. I have also reported this to the team but I believe it is on a lower priority for fixing than the other issues mentioned above.

Thanks again.