XB1/PS4 cannot connect to servers

I was so excited when co op came out for Xbox but now not so much. I have yet to be able to play co op on my Xbox because I keep getting an error message. When I try and host a server it says I cannot connect to a server and when I try and join a server it times out. I have no idea how to fix this and it is becoming very frustrating.

Hi BigKim,

Welcome to the forums and I’m sorry to hear you’re having issues with connecting to others.

What region are you in and what are you selecting when hosting or joining a game? I know there have been some issues with the USA, East region that the team are looking into. If you are using this region please try USA, west or similar to see if that helps you load into a game.

Trying to play online on XB1 but it just keeps saying error cannot connect to server :confused: was so looking forward to multi-player but it won’t work for me at all

You’d be wasting your time if you did connect. You can get to day 5, sometimes 6 and then lose all command functions. Been this way since the multi player update and no word on when it will be fixed. Does it in single player as well. This game has become a waste of space on your hard drive and xbox and ps should refund everyone who purchased it…

Hi Mo1778,

I’m sorry to hear you are experiencing connection issues on XB1 also.

What Region are you in? Did you try switching the region as suggested above? If so, what regions have you had issues with?

Please also let me know your NAT type, this should be in your console network settings.

Having the same issue but im playing on a ps5. I tried all region’s and get the timeout error. And as for my nat type it is type 2 and im using a lan cable. I have a friend in Michigan and we were excited to play together except we cant even host due to the timeout error.

Thank you for sharing the details or your connection and the console you’re using Blueberry.

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