PS4/5, Server connection issues

Myself and my brother are having h this issue on ps4/5, didn’t matter which region

Hi SaltyPagan, welcome to the forums, I’m sorry for the delay in responding to your post over the holidays. I have moved your post to a new topic as the topic you posted in, while similar, is a few updates old now.

I am also sorry to hear this issue is affecting you and your brother. Please let me know whether the PS4 or the PS5 is hosting, and if changing which console is the host makes a difference for you.
I’d also be interested to know your NAT types and if you are using the same connection in one household or if you are on two separate connections.

Can you confirm for me if you’ve even been able to load into the game fully and the issue is with disconnecting, or if neither of you can join the game together at all.

Please also ensure both games are fully updated and show version “2079” in the bottom left hand corner of the main menu. If the version type is out of sync it will not be possible to connect to each other.

Any extra information you can provide about this issue would be greatly appreciated and may allow me to suggest further things for you to try.