Xb1 Not able to unlock trophies

Defeated all three sea monsters and received no trophies even though it said I did. Left game went back to all three monsters and try to quick craft, no success.

Trophies have been unable to unlock to get to next level which is final craft plane level. All sea monsters were defeated and long gone when going back to area.

I tried saving game, resetting game, clearing cache and I can’t get these trophies unlocked.

Make sure that when you’re crafting the items that you’re not doing it on a custom island. There are issues with trophies when you’re on them - if you only have custom islands on your map, remove some and craft the items again on a default island.

Hi @Adalinh143 and @Flynnerigan - welcome to the forums,

Thank you Flynnerigan for sharing the information you did above, however, in the latest version, there is an issue that keeps the story items locked in the main crafting menu which is what I believe Adalinh123 is refering to in their post above.

This is an issue the team are aware of and are currently working to finalise the fix for so it can be released asap. I do not have a release date for this fix yet, however the latest info on this update can be found here: Message from the Team - Console Update Progress Info

As soon as I have more info about the update, I will create a new post in News and Announcements so it won’t be missed.

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I didn’t Customized an island so I guess I will stop playing until it’s fixed on Xbox server ( sad face)