[XB1] [2083] [Storage containers disappearing]

So after reading for the past hour, I can say with the utmost certainty that this issue has been in the game for years at this point. Not to mention indestructible raft bases… YEARS! don’t get me wrong, I can overlook some issues but the crates are game breaking. A crate full of fuel and no telling what else just gone. 50 hours in, went from expecting to play for many more to wanting my money back. Honestly I could have overlooked it and continued but after seeing how long these issues have been occuring (with the same generic reply to each report). Either it’s something you can fix but can’t be bothered to, or it’s something you can’t fix and just want to keep peddling a broken product.

From what I can see, it’ll never get fixed. If you can, get a refund. So many good games with potential out there but shady business tactics run another into the ground.

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Hi Dragnurazz, welcome to the forums,

I’m sorry to hear you have experienced issues with a crate vanishing in game. Though I understand the issue with deconstructing the raft bases is a long standing one, there can often be issues that result in a similar outcome but have different triggers within the game. I completely understand how losing valuable items, or any items at all, in the game can be frustrating and affect gameplay. I have some questions about your experience below if you wouldn’t mind answering them. This can help me to determine if this is an issue the team is already working on or if it is a different issue that I will create a new report for so that the team can investigate what could have caused the crate in question to disappear.

Please let me know:

  • Are you playing on a multiplayer or single player map?

  • Was the save created in the current version of the game, or an earlier one and has since been updated?

  • Had you renamed the crate at all? If so, were there any special characters used in the name?

  • Did you notice the issue with the crate occuring after a game reload, or after traveling to another island and then returning?

  • Was the crate on a custom island or one generated by the game?

  • You mentioned fuel being contained in the crate, do you recall anything else in the crate? Particularly potatoes. There is a recent issue the team are investigating relating to spoiled fruit and veg being stuck in crates, after the game is reloaded, the spoiled items and potentially any other items that were in the crates with them will be removed from the crate. This means the crate can be used again but the items within are lost. Is it possible that this is what happened in your crate rather than the entire crate vanishing?

  • Was the crate on a container shelf, on the ground, on a base etc within the game?

  • If the crate was in a container shelf, was this shelf on land or in a raft? There is another recent issue players have reported that can cause containers on shelves to “Shuffle” including two crates overlapping in the one spot on a shelf. If your crate was on a container shelf, and you cannot place any other crates in the spot where it was, there is a chance it was moved within the area and picking crates up off the shelves may reveal it.

  • Did any other items vanish or move within the game around the same time you noticed the container missing?

Any additional information you can provide would be greatly appreciated. While I understand a lot of questions and information across reports look similar, the aim is to gather as much information as possible about each player’s experience as each gameplay style and game setup can be unique and the information provided can help the team to investigate further and try to replicate the issue on their end.

Thank you.