[Xbox] Containers disappeared

Just had all of my containers(18) disappear off of my container shelves on my raft. Went to sleep, woke up and found my raft compleately beached( anchor was deployed) and my containers all gone. Did notice it would not let me attach a new container as though the slot was filled but I could not see the contaIner. Exited the game hoping the containers would reappear with reload but no luck. I was able to attach containers again but lost everything I had…: (

Xbox series x
Single player maps
Earlier version game with updates

Hi @Seattleracer, welcome to the forums,

My apologies for my delay in responding to you. I moved your post to a new thread as the one you’d posted in was from an older version.

I’m sorry to hear this issue has occurred in your save and understand how disheartening it can be to lose valuable items.

Please let me know:

  • You mentioned the game version is an earlier version with updates, does this mean your save was created in an earlier version but you now see 2111 in the bottom left of the main menu?

  • Before sleeping, was your raft anchored in the water or on a dock or similar?

  • Were you able to move your raft after this incident occurred?

  • Since reporting, have you found any of the original crates? Previous reports have found crates at the center of their island, or floating in the water.

  • Before sleeping, had you just arrived back at your island or did you perform other tasks before sleeping?

  • Were you on your base island? If so, please describe what you have on the island and if you notice any FPS drop there.

  • In issues around rafts, some players have found missing rafts by traveling back to the last spot they saved before the issue occurred. If you saved on another island before the issue occurred, have you traveled back there since? and if so, was there any sign of your crates?

  • Have you ever experienced containers shuffling on shelves / moving to the wrong position?

  • Do you have any container shelves on your island? If so, please double check them for crates that may have been teleported / could be overlapping.

Any additional information about your game and your experience of this issue would be greatly appreciated and may help the team to investigate further.

Thank you.