[XB1][2071] UI, Audio and Raft Physics

Hiya Clare, Ive been on again since last night and some issues highlighted here have begun happening for me too. :sweat_smile:

Again, XB1, pre-existing save.

So the time display on the watch is in a massively reduced font.

Simply highlighting an object with a full inventory causes the “bleep Inventory full!” that youd expect when trying to actively pick up an item whilst carrying a full inventory.

My raft physics are incredibly sensitive and respond to my character, where they previously didnt. As an example, i jumped onto my raft from the beach and it caused it to flip (which i of course couldnt correct due to the interaction issues).


I am on PS4, on an old save file, and have also been experiencing these problems since the most recent patch (2071). If my inventory is full even looking at an object will cause the beep! Inventory full response. I’m hearing that noise way too often!

Time is in a smaller font but I figured that was just a UI change.

My raft is also acting crazy! Even when anchored it slides around under my character and flipped over. My raft is not uneven and never flipped before, especially from me just jumping on! The motion sickness effect in the water also seems to have gotten a lot more intense. It didn’t bother me before but now it’s a much worse.

Hope these issues are fixed soon so I can play again. Game is pretty much unplayable for me at the moment.

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Hi Survivor - Sorry I’m late responding to this, as your issue covered some different topics I wanted to separate them out.

Thanks @HawkGirl for also sharing your experiences with the same issue.

Time display - I checked this myself today and I’m seeing the same. Report submited to the team :slight_smile:

Inventory noise - The team is aware of this one but good to get confirmation that you’re both seeing it on two different platforms.

Raft physics - I have a report queued to be submitted to the team for this. From both of your descriptions it sounds like these are rafts made before the update, is that right?

I should also say that even if I already know about issues, I appreciate you mentioning them. It helps me to get an idea of frequency among the community and sometimes it might indicate two issues could be related :slight_smile:

No worries Clare, and thanks for forwarding all this on :smiley:

Yes, its a pre built raft :+1:t2:

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Thank you loads for the help Clare, it is much appreciated! Yes my raft was made before the update. I did add canopies after update trying to fix the sun issue but these weird raft issues were already happening at that point.

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Thanks for confirming that HawkGirl, I’ll make of note of it in my report for the team as it may be a factor when they try to reproduce it on their end.

Oh and Survivor101 - Thank you too!

My friend and I were also doing just fine launch night - no raft/interaction issues it was working well. Tonight we jumped back in and we’re plagued by issues with the raft flipping sideways/upside down when trying to drag it from the shallows to open water. Could be partly connection based- but seemed non host player very easily slides from the raft when the sail is open. Non host teammate was having difficulty climbing on raft in our game, as well as steering/controlling direction of raft.

Thanks for continuing to update this game it’s so much fun every time we jump back in. Can’t wait till these issues get ironed out!

—-These issues were during a new game tonight. We started over because the launch night saved game we picked back up had the ongoing issue of interaction problems with all our island items on the island we saved on. These issues with interaction problems did not occur until after we saved and picked it up tonight. I wanna say we played about 4-5 hours (lol) from 9pm -3am Eastern standard time with no issues patch launch night.

Hi Jhanson, welcome to the forums,

Thank you for sharing the details of your experience with the raft issues. I’ll add them to my report on this for the team. You mentioned that the non-host player had issues with the raft, was the host experiencing any issues with the raft outside of the interaction issue?

I was host and I was able to use it normally

Thanks for confirming that for me Jhanson, I’ll add that info to my report.

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