[XB1][2071][Loading] Load-In on Top of My Roof

When loading a save made at a sleeping bag inside a player building, instead of loading in beside the sleeping bag, instead Im loading in on the roof of the building.


No settings changed from their defaults, and no custom islands used.

This bug occurs on each and every load-in from the main menu.

-This bug has persisted through reloading, a system reboot and game reinstallation

This is a pre-existing game played single player, and both the sleeping bag and the building were constructed pre-update.

Thank you again for separating out these reports Survivor101!

Oh! I just saw your new comment, thanks for updating, that answers some questions.

Have you moved the sleeping bag since the update? There was an issue with the bedroll collider not matching up, if it hasn’t been moved it might be the fixed collider giving the game the impression you’re trapped in something and pushing you upwards. Usually if a player is stuck there is a feature that’ll push them upwards to open space. Though your room is open, it’s considered enclosed so it’ll put you on the roof (I hope it’s not too far a drop down…)

If it has been moved, could you let me know what items are around it and what the building is made of, any shelves on the wall etc?

If picking it up and replacing it doesn’t work, you may need to create a new one in case the fix is not behaving when it comes to older sleeping bags.

No problem Clare :slight_smile:

I hadnt moved it since the update, so Ill try that as soon as I can, but I cant test it yet, as Im currently stranded on a new island with a beached raft I cant interact with :sweat_smile: So Im stuck waiting until a fix is implemented, but Ill update this as soon as I can test out moving the sleeping bag.

However, if its still useful, its a single story building with wooden walls and a wooden roof, though the foundation is made from planks. Withing the building are two shelf units full of crates, and a table with a hammer, rubber duck, sunscreen, speargun and 4 spear arrows on it.
Note - none of the items, shelves or crates in the room are around the sleeping bag.

Thanks for listing what’s near the sleeping bag, I’ll make a note of those in case moving doesn’t work.

While I know it’s not ideal, I did see one player saying that they found the interacting issue happened in a cycle, but they weren’t sure how long it was between the interactions vanishing and reappearing again so it might be risky to try sail back anyway.

Let me know when you can anyway, hopefully it won’t be too long before this is resolved and you can get back to your island.

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