[XB1][][Multiplayer] several multiplayer issues

1st issue - frequently after loading in to my friend’s game Im missing all items, occaisionally ill have 1 coconut food in my hand but thats it. I have to have to leave and then rejoin but then the server fails.

2nd issue - when i do have all my items, i cant drop them for my friend to pick up. Once dropped they float about chest hight and can only be seen by me. The only workaround we have found to this is to place the items into a chest but space is obviously limited.

3rd issue - consistent server issues. After waiting nearly 10 minutes to get into a game we are most of the time confronted with an error that says couldnt connect to server. If we are lucky enough to get into a game together within a couple minutes of us reaching an island I get an error message saying couldnt connect to server. Most times the host game continues running but it will often crash the host gane saying couldnt find server. We have also had these crashes from doing certain tasks in certain areas of islands (it crashed twice from me drinking a coconut on the home island in the same spot, crashed after eating two coconut food consecutively). Its honestly basically unplayable which is really frustrating.


Everything is standard


  • On both consoles, mine and my friend’s (host) we followed the troubleshooting steps mentioned on other posts. (Hard reset both consoles, reset the router, tried changing server locations as well as using auto, one console on a hotspot network, both on the hotspot network, updating both games and consoles, uninstalling and reinstalling both games). We are playing on seperate consoles in the same household, one with a wireless connection and the host xbox with a LAN connection. Nothing has qorked and its really frustrating

Hi Zenzu, welcome to the forums,

Thank you for taking the time to report each of these issues. I’ve responded to each of them in turn below.

But first… you mentioned XB1, but version which is the PC version. As you mentioned you are on XBox consoles in the Extras section, can you confirm for me the version number you are seeing when playing? The version number should display as 2104 in the bottom left of the main menu if you’re playing the console version.

Rejoining without items:
Does your friend have anyone else join their game as player 2?
If you rejoin, do the items reappear for you? When the items are missing, are they missing from your toolbelt, inventory or both?
When the server fails, I believe this is an issue known to the team that after player 2 leaves or is kicked from the game, the host needs to reload the game also for them to be able to rejoin. Does this match what happens with you and your friend when playing?

Items floating away
I remember an issue like this being reported before, I shall check my reports and add your details to it. I recall the chest workaround being used by other players too, but understand this is not ideal and as you said space can be limited.

Connection Issues
I’m sorry to hear you’re having consistent connection issues. Thank you for reporting what you did try to resolve the issues you mentioned. Can you confirm for me if you tried both consoles being on the wireless connection in the same household? I know this has affected PS consoles before, so if you haven’t tried it for your XB1, it may be worth doing so.
Please also confirm for me what the NAT type of each console is (this is in the network settings on your console) And if they are different, please let me know who is the host and who is player 2.
Thank you for also noting where you experienced crashes related to certain tasks. I completely understand that this is frustration when trying to proceed with gameplay. Please let me know if your island has a lot of loose items or if you experience any lag in the area were the coconuts were drunk / eaten at the game crashed. If not in the same area, were they on the same island?

Again, I completely understand these issues are frustrating and any extra information you can provide about your experience would be greatly appreciated by the team investigating connection issues.

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