[2104] Multiplayer connection problems

Yes server issues is a big problem spend more time loading after getting kicked then playing the game it happens over and over can get any thing done with my friend online playing on xbox x

Hi RatedR, welcome to the forums,

I moved your comment to it’s own topic so I could ask you some additional questions about your issue. I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing issues with being disconnected a lot from your game.

Please let me know:

  • Are you, or your friend, the host of the game?

  • Does the host disconnect too, or just Player 2?

  • Are you in the same household / on the same connection, or in separate households?

  • What is the NAT type in the network settings on both consoles? If they’re different, please let me know who is the host and who is Player 2.

  • What region has the host chosen for the multiplayer game?

  • Have they tried different regions?

  • Is there anything in particular you’ve noticed that can trigger a disconnect of Player 2 or the host, such as a particular action or when traveling between two islands?

  • Did you add piles to your game?

  • During gameplay, do you notice any evidence of desyncing during gameplay?

I understand these disconnects can be frustrating when playing the game and any extra information you can give me about your experience would be greatly appreciated by the team.

Thank you.

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