Won't let me build inside my cabin help

Hola necesito ayuda explico, me he echo una cabaña y quiero construir dentro de ella varias cosas para telas, pieles etc pero es que no me deja construir absolutamente NADA dentro de la cabaña alguien me puede ayudar por favor ?

Hello, I need help, I explain, I have made myself a cabin and I want to build several things inside it for fabrics, skins, etc, but it does not allow me to build absolutely ANYTHING inside the cabin, can someone help me please?

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As to your question, currently the only items that can be built on foundations and floors are furniture. The [Known Issue] post on this contains a tip from another player that allowed them to work around this issue and place items inside, this may hopefully be of some help to you and your cabin - [Known Issue] Difficulty placing crafting stations inside buildings

I have found a workaround for building crafting stations on foundations. It requires a second floor to be accessible, so you can look down at the foundation level to place the furnishing.

I’ve managed to get a Furnace, Brick Station, Loom, and Tanning Rack in one room of my newest house, and have often placed my cooking station inside my house for convenience so I’m not as far from my pantry (food and water stash room).

Under normal circumstances, adding these stations to your housing is definitely tough. Takes a lot of effort and patience to succeed, but it is somewhat possible.