Were is the big world UPDATE (console)

Every one knows: the pc got an big world update
Almost double the islands , why this update haven’t released yet for console and is it going to be released soon :(.

Also why the map Creation is not the same I just choose the number of items and he place it randomly also the pc can place more items than console, please update the map Creation

Hi Ahmadm48,

While I understand a lot of players would love to see the big map update that went stable on PC fairly recently, I must refer to the Console Version FAQ

So while we don’t know a timeline or confirmation of those features being ported, we know the team want to try port what they can. Porting any item or feature to console takes time, some items take longer than others. But as always any new information will be posted in News and Announcements once it is available.

Similarly the Island creation is limited but we may hopefully see that change in the future. The limits on placing items in the map creation are there at the moment to prevent islands from being overloaded which could cause issues.

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Stranded deep is my best servival game EVER, I can wait for anything in this game :slight_smile: