UX improvements - mostrly about crafting

Here is a UX improvement I suggest.
When I’m in the crafting menu, it would be nice to have a brief description of how every item works.
It’s enough to add this description in a popup when highlighting an item and/or right before picking a place to build it.
For instance I’ve built a Bird Snare, however there’s no info that this is a fixed object instead of a movable one and I have no idea if moving it to a specific spot has any impact on its efficacy.
Sometimes even simple items that can be crafted have no info about the utility or any hint about when in the game will be more useful to build.

Also the official Italian translation is terrible, especially because language keys are not optimized for different languages, in italian adjectives needs to be written after the item name, not before like in english, otherwise it sounds “yoda-like” :smile: