Crafting: Tabbed interface

Currently to access the section you want, the player has to click through the cycle of screens which gets tedious. Perhaps a tabbed interface would be better? The crafting menu could be full-screen* (might as well) with horizontal or vertical selectable tabs to tab back and forth, with the game ‘remembering’ last accessed tab and staying on that until the player selects another.

*Full-screen could also give more space for expanded crafting UX (another suggestion on this forum).

image: tabs example as shown in Microsoft Edge browser.


I would love if crafting was fullscreen, bc you can’t walk while crafting anyway. It took me way too long to figure out how to make a raft because I didn’t even realize there were multiple tabs. facepalm And having the crafting menu remember where you were would be awesome! I’d also really like if I could place multiple of the same item at once. For example if I were building some walls and had enough materials, I want to be able to make several in a row without having to open my crafting menu and select “wall” over and over again. The quick crafting menu helps, but I feel like it’s just not necessary.