Update didn't fix interactive issue

They did this stupid new patch for PS4 and fixed crap. Why dont you fix the interactive issues 1st instead of pigs going around in circles. Why the hell do we care when we can’t play the damn thing because of the interactive issue. Fix that 1st. Rip offs.

Hi DeathBknowN, welcome to the forums,

I moved your post to a new topic as it didn’t seem to have any connection to the topic you posted in.

I believe you may be refering to the recent update that was rolled out for PlayStation. I covered this is my post here - **A Note on the 1.09 Update for Playstation** 10/7 - This update was planned before the the co-op update was released and was a technical update. It was not the fix for the interaction issue or any other major issues players have reported.

I understand this issue is frustrating, but when commenting on the forums please do so in a respectful manner and adhere to the Rules and Guidelines - Stranded Deep of the forums.

I don’t care about my language. I don’t care if you ban me, you already stole my money so who cares. Rip offs

Wasn’t this game free on PlayStation? :thinking:

I paid 60$ for me and my boy. So what of it :thinking:

Well it’s fixed now lol

Dude, chill out! There’s no need to be rude to people. I get your frustration but come on man.

Not on PS4 it isn’t.

Locking this thread as it’s refering to an older update and it is now becoming non constructive and resulting in arguements.

As per my update in the Known Issues post, the fix for the interactions issue is due from Sony today. However if that changes I will alert the community. Please see that post for the reasoning behind the difference in patch timing.