Unable to interact bug

It as nothing to do with trophys.its cause of sea level.when changing island the bug kicks in.cant interact with nothing above sea lvl. Pls fix

Hi Grandmasteryoda, welcome to the forums,

As you mentioned trophies, was this post meant to be a response to another thread?

In case you have not seen it, I have a post here on the issue that I updated earlier - [Known Issue][PS4/XB1] Loss of interactions

When changing islands are you heading towards larger islands (with cliffs etc) or does it occur when heading to any island?

Hi Clare :v: When coming back to my home island.Both times i tried.I gave up after that.

First time my home island was the lil one we get at first.Second playthrough my home island was the bigger island to the left of the first one.

As soon as i get off the raft nothing above sea water works.i cant even pull my raft on the island

Thank you for that information Grandmasteryoda, do you recall if on your home island you lost anything through the sand at any stage?

hi clare you mentioned things disappearing through the sand. when i travel to another island i cant pick up anything chop anything etc. when i travel back to my home island i cant interact with anything such as saving game eating drinking picking anything up . when i have dropped my planks on the floor they would fall right through and disappear

I remembrer i saw a boar once and a plank going trough the sand

But then i saved and they were back after

I dont mind lil bugs like this completly acceptable.But this one here not as much :rofl:

Thanks for that information Grandmasteryoda.

With regards to the locations where this happened - would it be possible to get the seed number and the island location where you experienced loosing your items? The team would like to try replicate this issue as closely as possible when testing.

@zay welcome to the forums and thank you for that information. Would you be able to give me your seed number and island location where you experienced this issue too?

I played for over 20 more in game days after i got it to unglitch before it did it again.

Now that you mention it that whole 20 days i was back and forth between 2 islands that didnt have cliffs and day 18 i started exploring islands. I climbed up onto a cliff earlier in the day that it glitched again. I was looking for an egg couldnt find one jumped on my raft went to another island and couldnt interact with anything after that and also the fish were floating above water and a whale after i left the island with the cliff i climbed.

Also never seen a snake in 60 in game days at every island. Even a custom island that i added snakes. They were not there.