[Known Issue] "Two of Each" Trophy Unlocking Issues

Issue Summary:
Two of Each not unlocking for some players when criteria (below) is met

-2 Hogs
-2 Boars
-2 Snakes
-2 Crabs (small)
-Close together and near the player on a raft
-Sailed into a storm

The following change in criteria has proven successful for a number of players:

-2 Hogs
-2 Boars
-2 Snakes
-2 Crabs (small)
-Close together and near the player on a raft
-Sailing under clear skies (travelling from one island to another should be enough)

Note: For animals being close together and near the players on a raft, we’ve had reports that a 3x3 raft has worked well for players when using the workaround.

Note 2: adriandz271 on the forums reported that while the workaround did work for them, it took them a few tries before the trophy popped. If you find the trophy still doesn’t pop after a few tries, please let me know below.

Note 3: Please see this post on what weather conditions worked for DragonTech here - [PlayStation 4/5] [v.2009] [“two of each” trophy not unlocking] - #17 by DragonTech - In short, after multiple attempts, they sailed just before a storm started and found the trophy unlocked for them then.

Note 4: Please see MestreLion’s comment below - [Known Issue] “Two of Each” Trophy Unlocking Issues - #28 by MestreLion - They detail what worked for them and what their raft is like too. The attempting, saving before the storm starts and retrying is similar to what DragonTech also did.


Hi @Clare , congratulations on such an amazing job moderating and organizing the forum, specially this Console Known Issues and Bug Repots.

I have tried this a few times, and it just popped up (PS4, 2033), and based on the other reports on this, I have a theory for a workaround. My setup:

  • 2 Hogs
  • 2 Wild Boars
  • 2 Night Snakes (already stiffed)
  • 2 Giant Crabs (just in case)
  • 2 Small Crabs (on raft, not inventory)
  • Saved as soon as rain started, began loading the animals
  • 7-ish x 4-ish raft, placed them in 2 spots with floor removed, directly on raft base
  • Heavy storm started when dragging raft out of nearby rocks, jumped on raft, began sailing

The first time it did not pop up after sailing the whole storm (almost reaching the next island boundary) using the front rudder. Then exited, reloaded save, repeated same setup, used back motor, it popped up when still maneuvering around the nearby rocks after about 2 minutes.

So my theory is: quite likely you have to be facing the animals, i.e. using a motor/rudder on the back of the raft with animals lying in front of you. That was the only difference in those two attempts.

A video of me trying for the Two of Each Trophy

On my raft right in front of me I have

2x Hogs
2x Boars
2x Night Snakes
2x Small Crabs

It didn’t work.

A 3x3 Raft only has enough bouancy to those, I tried with 2x Large Crab as well and it sank.

I’m going to modify my raft and try again with the large crabs as well.

Fingers crossed

Hi @MestreLion - Thank you for your kind words! :slight_smile: And thank you for the details of your workaround. You mentioned it not popping the first time, the section time you tried, was there still a storm around the island? If this is the case this is very interesting and I’ll pass it and your theory onto the team.

With regards to facing the creatures, were they further away from you when you were at the front of the raft? The distance requirement doesn’t seem to take much to be too far. But it’s a very interesting theory that you need to be facing them. I’ll pass this info onto the team investigating :thinking:

Also, out of curiosity, what is your base made of in those sections where you placed the animals?


Hi @Lothaer, if you’re still having issues, can you try replacing the floor in the centre? I’m not sure if that’s a factor or not, and I know MestreLion mentioned doing the same above, but materials might be involved too in this theory of mine. Everything else should be good for the workaround but I have heard a number of reports now that it’s taking a few tries.

You could also try clearing the cache of your console (shutting down and unplugging for 2 mins) in case something there is causing the trophy issue.

Oh, and just as confirmation for you both, you do not need large crabs for this achievement so you can leave them on the beach :crab:

Thank you for confirming Large Crabs aren’t needed @Clare :heart:

I haven’t got any storms, i have been trying to get this trophy for around 3 days but i havent got any storms at all

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Hi infinity, welcome to the forums!

As the post above mentions, this trophy is experiencing issues and the workarounds require sailing without storms. However if you’re find you’re still lacking storms, please submit a bug report with as much info as you can and I’ll look into it as a seperate issue - Thank you :slight_smile:

Thank you, also do you know how long i have to sail for because i have tried sailing around but the trophy still didnt pop

@infinity This issue is a tricky one, you shouldn’t need to go too far from your island but I have heard that players using the workaround have had issues getting it to pop. I usually recommend players try going from one island to another to make sure they cover everything.

Other things you could try

  • make sure the animals are close to you on the raft, if your raft is large and they’re too far away from you it might not unlock. Try keeping them within 1-2 raft parts from you.
  • If you have a raft floor piece missing to contain the animals, try replacing it and having the animals directly on the floor of the raft. Similarly if any crates or other objects are under them it may not register and being on the raft so you’ll need to remove them.
  • Try the achievement from a completely different island, especially if you’re on your base island and experience any lag there.
  • Try clearing the cache of the console by shutting down and unplugging for 2 minutes before restarting so you’re going after the trophy fresh.

after that… please let me know what your raft is like and anything else you’ve tried. I’m still passing information onto the team about this and anything extra about your experience you can share would help us a lot!

just tried all of that but still no trophy :frowning:

Can you describe your raft for me or post a clip of an attempt here so I can see what your raft it like? Also if any of your options are different from the default setup. I want to add this to my report for the team and would like to give them as much information as possible :slight_smile:

I’m sorry this trophy still isn’t unlocking for you, unfortunately we haven’t narrowed down what eventually causes it to pop for players who are struggling to unlock it…

I have tried multiple different ways to trigger this achievement and all have failed.

I have tried having them divided evenly in two “holes” for even weight distribution.

I have tried having them all clumped in together.

I have tried holding the little crabs

I have tried no holding the little crabs

I have tried with fully floored raft

Nothing is working at all.

I have one more thing I am going to kill all the animals again and not skin any of them, I am pretty sure I have skinned the hogs for leather but left the meat, maybe that is causing the achievement to not trigger…idk I’ll let you know how it goes.


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Yeah that’s what my raft is like even without large crabs

maybe we need smaller rafts

@Infinity - thank you for the video - the distance should fine there. You can leave the large crabs behind, you only need small crabs for the trophy. @Lothaer raises an interesting point, have you skinned any of these animals or taken any resources from them yet or would they be considered “Fresh”?

Also, in your vid, are the snakes under the boars and crabs? I know from player reports on interactions in the past that things like standing on a crate causes physics to act differently before you’re no longer on the raft. If there’s anything between the animals and the floor, it might cause issues. Laying them side by side might work a bit better?

Thank you again for the video, I’ll be sending it onto the team as soon as I can and see if I can get any further suggestions for you both!

I just need to find 1 more Hog and 1 more Boar and 2x Snakes then I’ll be able to test my theory

All set and ready, just waiting on a storm but for now it’s bed time, almost 2am for me.

Just a reminder that the original part of the bug stopped the trophy unlocking when sailing during a storm!
I really appreciate you checking this out in your save but omigosh 2am :open_mouth: Please don’t feel pushed to check this - that certainly isn’t my intention but I really truely appreciate you reporting your findings back.

@Lothaer did it work?