Trophies not working

Hello im new here ive been attempting to get the platinum trophy on ps4 and i was trying to get the trophies where u need to stay on the same island and not eat flesh for 10 days it’s currently day 14 and i still haven’t received my trophies before u ask i havent left the island havent even touched the water so i didn’t cross the border and for the other one i have been surviving on rations that i have found and coconuts so please i need help

Hi Dextter, welcome to the forums,

I’m sorry for my delay in getting to your comment and to hear you’re having trouble unlocking this achievement.

Please confirm for me the following:

  • Are you playing version 2116? (this number is in the bottom left of the main menu)

  • Are you attempting this trophy on a game-generated island, or one you added yourself via the cartographer? If this is a custom added island, please note that the “Gone Green” trophy, which I believe is what you’re describing, cannot be unlocked on a custom island. There are a few trophies with restrictions around island type which you can find a list of here: A Note on Console Achievements / Trophies

  • Are you playing Multiplayer or Single Player when attempting to get this trophy? If multiplayer, are you the host or Player 2?

  • Have you double checked the Trophy list on your console outside the game? Incase the notification failed to show for you.

Any additional information you can provide about your save as well as your setup in game when attempting to unlock this trophy would be greatly appreciated and may help the team investigate any potential issues blocking the achievement or I may be able to provide some suggestions of things to try.

Thank you.

Don’t worry, this also bugged on me, stayed on the island for like 20 days and gave up with it. I then stayed on another island, easily 15 days and nothing, I think it’s a one and done type of trophy if and when it works. It for sure seems like it needs to be done when you 1st spawn into the world and not leaving the island in general, but others have reported not even standing in the water, and it’s still not popping. I have several trophies bugged playing the normal way and it sucks.