The silly hat is still a problem

I’m playing on the ps4 and whenever you go on 3rd person, no matter the settings, there will be a silly hat on your head (shark hat for hard difficulty). On pc it indicates that you’re playing in creative mode, so CLEARLY that hat is not supposed to be there, it makes me not wanna play it at all, even in first person, I just know that stupid thing is on my head. This has been a problem for a really long time now, can’t we get at least an aproximate date for a fix/patch? Or is this anoying bug staying forever?


Hi leovalles,

I responded to your post in - Silly hat removal - when making posts on the same topic, but wanting to start your own discussion or submit your own report in another section, please refer to the original post.

As mentioned in response on the other thread - but mentioning here again for other players incase they come to this thread first - the hat being there is as designed where the hat type denotes the difficulty the player is playing and would not be considered a bug. However I have submited a request to the team for the ability to remove/hide the hat in game based on player feedback and will continue to update the report as further feedback is shared. As I am not a dev I cannot say if or when this will happen, but I will let the community know if this information is shared with me outside of an Update post in the News and Announcements section.

I’d concur. It’s not a bug but rather silly and distracting and detracting. I’m not against the hat denoting the skill level, but it could be a little more subtle and tasteful. Straw hats, hard hats, caps, fedoras if you must … But a propeller hat? Really?


Hi, sorry for my awful english, its not my first language.
About the hat, if in PC is for the easy mode then why in consoles it shows in normal mode? It really looks like the developers are mocking us for play it on another platform than PC. If that’s not the case, then please change it for something less silly and more in tone with the game.
If they don’t want to do anything with this, then just say it and i will stop playing a game who is mocking me for playing it in normal difficulty on my console.
I’m sorry if it sounds harsh but i find it really annoying.

Hi Javi, welcome to the forums.

Thank you for your feedback on this issue. I have a request submitted on behalf of players regarding the hats in console and I will add your feedback to this request as well.

Any updates on this Clare?

Hi Lesker1978,

I have not receieved any updates from the team about this. Should information be passed to me from the team I will let the community know.

In the meantime I will continue adding player comments to my feedback report regarding the use of hats in the game.

We still can’t remove that weird cap from our character’s head. I think develop team don’t need a long period ot time to do it (let we can remove it in game or in setting). I hope develop team can think serious of it and do sth for it before leaving this game.

Reason : the style of cap really don’t match the style of game

Beat the game on hard, problem solved

Solved what problem?

Hi @swpauhk, in passing your feedback onto the team, I see they have started looking into this further due to player feedback. I cannot confirm any more details then that at this time, but I appreciate you sharing your feedback with us.

Thanks. I thought develop team leave this game already. Maybe they can change the style of cap in order to match survival game. But i think they won’t spend spare time to do it. Btw, just hope we can remove or wear it in game or in setting menu

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