Silly hat removal

First I play in 1st person, but sometimes it’s nice to see how our characters look as part of the environment so I’ll go into third person to look at the scenery or to take a screenshot with the character…

The silly hat completely breaks and ruins immersion, you don’t look like someone who is struggling after a plane crash to survive. Maybe some idiot on an island vacation. why would you put on a hat and NEVER remove it if you’ve just been in a plane crash?

I’m not sure what the point of that is, and I’m sure some people enjoy it but please allow an option for those that don’t like it to turn it off…

THAT SAID, IF it’s some sort of mark to know what level someone’s playing on you can easily do that by putting an UNINTRUSIVE overlay in the CORNER in 3rd person, change the reticle, make the clothes slightly different colors…

There are many many ways to be UNOBTRUSIVE
which would do the same job but not ruin immersion for players where that’s a big deal, like me.

I will note: in a game that’s for fun, a paying customer should not be put down for their choice of level or style of play, if they like 3rd person more power to them, if they like creative (which I hear is a PC option) fine, don’t ridicule them with a silly hat.

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Hi Jmal,

Thank your feedback on the displaying of the hat in 3rd person and detailing the impact it has had on your gameplay. The type of hat displayed changes based on which difficulty the player has chosen and is a feature that was brought over from PC version along with 3rd person view. I have passed your feedback onto the console team for their consideration.


I play the game on Xbox One. I just want to let you know that I as well would VERY MUCH like to disable the silly hat. Very immersion breaking for me too. The game is great and thank you for it!

That’s it, thank you and God bless you all!


Put the game on hard… you get a shark on your head lol

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Did you pass that on? Is it gonna be fixed? How long can it possibly take to fix a hat appearing when it’s not supposed to? I mean, come on, that’s ridiculous…

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I agree with it being an immersion-breaking feature. I tried Third Person because I don’t like being unable to see where I’m walking without looking down, but chose to forget Third Person exists because (based on the intro) I don’t think a business person on a business trip would be wearing a kid’s propeller hat unless they work for a toy company.

Kind-of disrupts the story behind the plane crash even happening, for me.


Hi leovalles, Welcome to the forums!

Yes, I did pass this feedback regarding the prescence of the hats onto the team. This was submitted as request for the option to remove/hide the hats to be added to the game, as the hats appearing in game currently is as designed.

I shall add this further feedback to the request report I made. As I am not a dev, I cannot say if the team will decide to add this option, and if so when it will be released. Should this information be shared with me outside of an update posted in News and Announcements, I will let the community know.

Thank you for your feedback Shokujin, I shall add this to my report also.

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i can’t play this game with this hats, even on first person, because i know it is there! i was so happy because of the co-op mode, but guess, i hate it with hat, please remove this

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I simply never use third person because of the hats. Such a bizarre addition to the game.

Probably not a priority with other issues though.

I would be perfectly fine with getting rid of hats, though as far as I know that’s currently the only way to know the difficulty of a game you have joined. So perhaps if they are removed, add the server info (or at least difficulty level) to the in game pause menu. I don’t mind the hats, but can see making it an option for players to remove them if they so choose.

PS: I always have a shark on my head, unless I join a random public server. Either hat does look a bit strange though, lol.

Happy surviving, everyone!