[Switch] Difficulty lighting fire

Im having the same issue on my switch the game updated and now i cant start a fire

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The thing is either your getting pushed or your switch controller has drift

Hi @Darkknight, welcome to the forums,

I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing difficulty with lighting the fire in the Switch version of Stranded Deep. I moved your post to it’s own thread as the post you’d commented on was older and I wanted to keep all of your information together for the team to reference.

As Bisketti mentioned above, if your character appears to be moving forward or leaving the fire animation, this can be caused by controller drift that can occur on the Switch.

That said, I will pass this report onto the team and if you wouldn’t mind answering a few questions this may help us to determine the cause:

  • You mentioned your game was updated, is this something that occurred recently? Can you confirm what version number is displayed in the bottom left of the main menu? I wasn’t aware of any recent update to the Switch version of the game, I’ll check with the team and knowing the version number you’re on can help.

  • Does your character move forward at all in other situations? (Standing still, fishing, building or crafting, etc) This would potentially indicate controller drift. If this is the case, if you have an alternate controller or set of joycons to try, you may be able to confirm it’s controller related if only one Joy Con set is affected. Because of the different sensitivity settings in games, it’s possible for this to affect some games more than others.

  • Do you have auto-run selected? In the past some console users reported having auto-run turned on in the options resulted in their character moving forward or being pushed out of the fire lighting animation. If this is the case for you, please try deselecting auto-run and attempt to light a fire again.

  • Is the area around your fire filled with items? If you’re playing a save with a well established base and there are a number of loose items around your fire, this may be causing some lag around your fire which can make lighting a fire difficult.
    I know a lot of players (including myself) like to have bundles of sticks near the fire for fuel, but if you have a lot of loose items on your island, please try moving the loose items and placing them in crates where possible and try lighting the fire again. You could also try building a fire on another island, or in a clearer area of the same island and attempting to light the fire there.

  • If the issue is occuring at the start of a new save rather than an established save (large base, significant amount of progress and items crafted etc), please let me know.

Thank you.

Hi I’m having the same problem did you manage to sort it could you help me thank you :slight_smile:

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Your switch either has drift or you are being moved in some way like the other guy