Surprise New update: 19th April 2023

Ok, so i just turned on my series x and went to check for updates for games, as i usually do, and there’s an update for Stranded Deep!?
As far as i’ve seen, there’s been no word of this coming, just that it was being worked on, so what’s in this 1.01 GB update??
The version number at the bottom corner of the screen now reads 2111, by the way, so it’s not me seeing things.

Any patch notes, Devs??

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Yeah - um wow - hello! :wave: Clare hinted there was another update in the pipeline but no post from the Devs or patch notes? Anxiety! :frowning_with_open_mouth:

I started playing the other day. Playing a few minutes ago, I’m looking up something in the browser, come back to the update… Only lost a few minutes, but still. Would like to know what changed…

Sorry for the delay, the update notes can now be found here: [Console] Update 2111 Release Notes and Info


The game really needs a creative mode on xbox i think alot more people would play then to and add some more water and air crafts