Stranded Deep abandoned?

In case you have not seen it, this was the latest update from Sam: Update from the team, 2022-05-03

The team are currently working on the next updates for the game. There is no release date annouced for them yet, but any additional information on this updates will be posted in the News and Announcements as soon as it’s ready.


Yeah I just found out about this announcement today (before I came here). I guess only the forum is kind of abandoned.

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(PS4 Player from the U.S)

I also wish this game was updated more often, it has so freaking much potential :sob:

(PS4 Player from the U.S)

Thats what im saying, this game is lit asf and has loads of potential, really looking forward to seeing updates when the devs get the chance. I hopeeee it wasnt abandoned :sob:

(PS4 Player from the U.S)

Factsss ugh its so sad I really hope they get the chance to update soon :sob:

I have so many suggestions , and this game has a lotta money making potential, they could really be going somewhere they just need to hire more staff

Maybe if they added a monthly reward system to the game to make people wanna hop on each month, most people care about longer gameplay and not so much the story line, and thid would give more incentive to play

-Maybe there could be a market system where players can trade with each other or sell items for a type of currency once they craft a market or something, that would be littt asf.

They could sell the currency for actual cash and be making more money from that, you know everyone loves being able to trade and work with an economy

And thats just a few of the things ive thought of. I love this game too much for it to be abandoned :sob: