Stranded Deep abandoned?

Has the game been abandoned? Or is there still an update planned?

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It hasn’t been abandoned, a Nintndo Switch patch was only just released.

Please keep in mind when it comes to the PC version it is a team of two people doing all the work.


Yes friend, I understand. I know it’s not easy to develop a game and keep it up to date. Just, I really wish Stranded Deep had more and more updates. Because I consider the game very good, despite bugs that always occur. Therefore, I look forward to further updates, according to the possible limits of the developers.


No it’s not abandoned though it may feel that way. The game was released 7 years ago and it’s still in early access and getting only occasional updates. The end game sucks (I’ve seen the bosses and the ending). The only reason I still play this game are the nice visuals, except the ugly stripes underwater.


I’ve been playing Stranded Deep for a while too. I stopped for a while. I returned to play, because I missed you. And when I saw the 0.90.11 update, I was hopeful that the game would get rid of the lags and/or bugs. But there are still many. The game is really good! And it gets even better with custom islands. But it still needs a lot of tweaking. I even suggested that the character could change clothes. Make available various types of clothes to change during the game. I hope there’s a good update for PC.

No, there’s still updates, but the dev team are a really small but dedicated independent bunch - so progress isn’t fast. It’s not like EA who can just throw resources at stuff. I love the game, but yeah… there’s bugs. Right now the passive/agressive nature bug is really annoying, but i stick with it as the game is beautiful :slight_smile:

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Well i hope they fix that soon cuz i like playing in sissy lala mode. I play this game to relax. Not be chased ridiculously fast across an entire island and killed by a King crab on day 1 or 2. I havent even ventured much into the ocean. Tho when i was attacked by a hammerhead it barely did any damage. It makes no sense. :laughing:

I like the game too! I returned to play, after I saw that the V0.90.11 update was out. But there are still lags. Sometimes when interacting with the chests, the slowness of the game is annoying. Sometimes I have to leave and return to the game. I uninstalled and installed again. It alleviated this problem. But it still lingers. I hope there is an update as soon as possible. But the game is really cool. Currently, I have entered all custom islands. And many are very well made. I look forward to a big update.


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For those of you who enjoy the predator-free experience and want another game similar to this but with a more detailed survival mechanism, there’s also Escape the Pacific. It’s a more recent game, i.e. less developed, perhaps more buggy too, but gets more updates. I have both games. It’s hard not to like both if you like one. They each have their pluses and minuses.

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Thanks for the recommendation. Downloaded ETP… beautiful environment! UI is very alpha and getting water is frustrating but I’m enjoying it - they’re both great games :slight_smile:

If you have two or more Water Stills water becomes a nul issue

It’s a bit more hardcore, but once you understand the mechanics I don’t feel it’s any more difficult than this game. Do install the water catchers to catch rain. Until then, live on coconuts or find a water barrel (could be on another island). Watch out though, those other islands are not as close as in SD.

Yeah I noticed that! I really like how you can utilise much more of the envrionment than in SD, and the crafting mechanism is really neat… but yep, travelling is def with the difficulty curve kicks in. Find it less relaxing than SD though for some reason, maybe because the clunky UI brings you out of the world more?

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I meant in ETP not SD :wink:

The UI is being worked on. It should get an overhaul in the near future (hopefully). I agree it looks very rudimentary. My main beef with ETP is the performance. It’s not as optimized as SD, but SD might be too optimized. LoD isn’t adjustable and it’s ugly on some objects. I also really dislike the underwater stripes in SD. Not an issue in ETP. As I said, each game has its pluses.

I played Escape the Pacific for awhile. In the beginning everything was fine. He was even building a base on the boat. But bugs and lags started. I got annoyed with the game. And I ended up letting it go. I decided to continue with SD, in the hope of a possible update. One of them is having the possibility to build a base inside the boat (raft).

In the past few months I also preferred SD, but now that I have nothing to do there except defeat the bosses which I don’t have an interest in, and ETP has been getting updated (including a small performance boost) I’m back to ETP only.

If SD gets a nice update, especially regarding the water stripes or render distance or some nice gameplay changes, I’ll happily revisit it.

I’m also on the verge of leaving the SD kinda sideways, as there are a lot of lags and bugs. There are times when your patience burns, when the game starts to slow down.
Oh, it’s hard to play!

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514.5 hours in this game and have been a follower since the beginning… Months have passed with no update or even any fixes to existing problems… Hoping that by coming here I can get some answers… It sure feels like SD has been abandoned !!~!!


Yeah, what’s happening? Devs taking a long break or working on a big update? I suspect it’s the former.

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