[Steam][0.90.10][Mouse] Extremely jumpy sensitivity while aiming

Whenever aiming at an enemy, from both land and raft, the sensitivity becomes extremely jumpy. So far anything that can be aimed is affected, spears, speargun, bow, etc. with the speargun somehow particularly bad. When moving the mouse even slightly, the aim jumps nearly half way around the player, only in the direction moved but much more significantly than it should. After a bit this problem catches itself but then reemerges. Stopping the aim will return the sensitivity to how it is supposed to be, however sometimes it takes a bit of time, i.e. bad sensitivity for a couple of seconds after stopping to aim.

This happens in so far all games, single and multiplayer, at any time when aiming at an enemy and has been happening for a few versions now as far as I remember.

Nothing custom and playing around with sensitivity and smoothness settings does not seem to affect this issue at all.

Occurs everytime for me, I do not know if and how this can be reproduced elsewhere.

Reloading or reinstalling does not seem to fix this issue. I can record video footage if required. The normal gameplay is fine, fighting sharks and hogs is doable but must be done with great care and not moving while aiming. Fighting bosses is extremely difficult with this as you loose all orientation whenever you aim.

Hi Schachma,

Welcome to the forum and sorry for the delay.
Can you provide details on what input settings you are using? (pause menu/options/input)
What mouse and DPI setting are you using?
Some models of mouse can be configured to change DPI when right clicking.

Do you have other input devices connected while experiencing this issue?

I think I can clarify a bit more. The bug is also present when aiming at a shot projectile. When no projectile is present aiming behaves just as it should. But, when a projectile is shot in the sand and you are aiming directly at the projectile the mouse sensitivity suddenly jumps up drastically.

Although the mouse and settings will most likely not be the problem as it is reacting to an ingame object which is not accessible from the mouse:
Input settings:
MouseSmoothness: 0,
MouseSensitivity: 0.063662,
DPI: 1500
Logitech g502

There are multiple reports of this problem, e.g.:

I think people are referring to: Aiming at animals, that the problem mostly occurs when you aim at an animal with a projectile already in it. You are actually aiming in the direction of the projectile. This is why people think it is the animal, but in my opinion it is fact the already shot projectile stuck in the animal.

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