Spyglass bugged - ps4 multiplayer

Spy glass will leave the hud rings over camera when not in use. Makes hands invisible and cannot use watch unless I reload the game session.

Hi Olafbezerker,

Thank you for reporting this issue. This is one the team are aware of and I have a Known Issue post for it here: [Known Issue][PS4/XB1] Binoculars not working as intented

The issue seems to manifest in a few different ways for players -thank you for letting me know what you experienced when this issue occurred for you. Can you confirm for me if you were able to zoom with the binoculars or was that function bugged too in your save?

Please also let me know if when using binoculars again in the save, if the issue manifests in the same way or if it’s different each time.

Thank you again.

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I can say that Zoom did not work for me on XB and the symptoms are exactly what is in the linked issue. I’ve been reluctant to use on PS4 since I have to save and reload to get the view back to normal.


Nope, there wasn’t any zoom
haha i thought my eyes were just getting tired :rofl:

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Thank you Olafbezerker and solitaryr for confirming that for me. I’ll add those notes to my report and highlight the similarities between experiences on both PlayStation and Xbox.

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Hi Clare… Any updates on the spyglass issues? Thanks

Hi SwopeHYZHER, welcome to the forums! - No updates yet, if I recieve any from the team they’ll be posted in [Known Issue][PS4/XB1] Binoculars not working as intended

I had exactly that problem! But luckily saving the game coming out and reloading fixed mine on that occasion but i dare not touch the spyglass now :sweat_smile:

This happened to me today - first time I have ever tried using the spyglass and the :eyes: shape was stuck on the screen. I was not able to zoom.
Closing the game and reloading cleared it.
Single player, PS4, version 2083.

Hi DemonStar89,

Incase you haven’t seen it in the Known Issues post, the team have found the cause of this issue and the fix should be released in the next update. In the mean time, there is also a workaround shared by another player in the Known Issues post that allowed them to workaround the issue without restarting the game.

Its is messed up. When it was before the update it was fine. Now you guys made it worse by making more problems. Should of checked it with qa before releasing. They are there to stop problems. Its not to make new ones.