Spoiled smoked meat

I left 2 pieces of smoked medium meat hanging in my smoker. It had finished smoking before I left my home island. After 3 days away I came back to eat the smoked meat I’d left behind to find it had spoiled.

My understanding is smoked meat shouldn’t spoil?


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I thing it might have spoiled before it got smoked.

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You cant leave it in the smoker when u leave your island. It wont spoil if you store it in a crate before you leave your island.

Nope it was fresh kill skinned and smoked then I left the island. I don’t skin meat until I intend on cooking it

Where smoked meat is stored makes a difference?

From past experiences, it doesn’t matter where u store it u just cant leave it in your smoker if u intend on leaving your island.

So smoked meat in smoker while on island ‘should’ be ok but remove it before leaving

Yes that’s right. What I do is smoke about 2 crates worth of meat at once . It will last u a good while

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I’ve been playing for over one month and I have never had any smoked meat spoil at all regardless of if it is in the smoker, in my inventory, in a container or on the ground.

I have never had smoked meat spoil.

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I do know that if you put meat in to be smoked and you go island hopping and the smoker runs out of fuel before the meat is done smoking then it will still spoil as it’s just cooked meat.


That probably was the case. There is plenty of food u just gotta get more lol.

I dunno what happened but I left meat in smoker smoked as the island I went had animals on still.

I came back 3 days later (I arse about to much😂) and checked smoker and it said “smoked spoiled cooked medium meat”. I know it wasn’t spoiled prior to cooking because it was freshly skinned.

I need to go harvest palm trees for planks soon so I’ll leave smoked meat in smoker and in a crate and see what happens.

Side note: did you know when you label a wooden crate the words on the crate change too!!

I have had that happen only a few times. Each time I put fresh meat in the smoker and was fairly sure I left the island while the smoker was running, before the meat was smoked. I was sure the smoker had enough fuel to fully smoke the meat before running out. Upon returning to the island days later I found smoked spoiled meat in the smoker, which I thought must have been a bug.

I have had this happen a couple times. I think I killed/skinned the meat on a different Island and brought it back home. I put it on the smoker then left the island again. When I got back it was Smoked Spoiled Meat. I assumed It spoiled before it was fully smoked. It has only happend 2 or 3 times in over 1000 days in play.

I know this wasn’t originally designed to be a bug report, but I’m gonna pass this info onto the team. I’ve heard of meat spoiling before but never with these steps so that you everyone for sharing what happened in your game! :shark: :+1:

I have been playing this game for nearly a year and heard that smoked meat does not go bad. I spent a week getting fresh kills and immediately skinning and then smoking them, the minute it said smoked i removed it and placed it in those crates and had about 6 crates full of fresh smoked meat, a few days pass in the game and i had the meat with me in the crates on the raft and after 2 days maybe 3 in game days that is i went to get a meat and all of them had flies and it said spoiled smoked meat, so i do not care what people say, smoked meat will spoil it just takes it longer to spoil than regular cooked meat. I tried all the things i read to see if maybe it was just a glitch or something and no it was no glitch, the only way to not lose your food is to not skin it until you need it

Hi N0taf0ll0w3r, welcome to the forums,

I know the team were looking into the issues mentioned above, particularly where meat was spoiled when players left islands etc, but as this topic was created some time ago I went back to check with the team and they confirmed smoked meat should not spoil in game. I also want to thank you for detailing your experience of when you’ve seen the smoked meat spoil as I will pass this onto the team so they can replicate your actions and investigate why smoked meat is spoiling in-game.

If you wouldn’t mind letting me know which console you are playing on and confirming you’re playing the current version 2083 too? Both PS and XB will be checked, but it’s helpful to confirm where reports have come from so we can track numbers on each.

Thank you!

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