[2104] Smoked meat spoiling

I think PS4 version has a large bug. I smoked 2 large meat and multiple medium meat, placed them in the crate. And when I went to go eat them, they all spoiled!! I was so upset.

Hi @emmy9000, welcome to the forums,

I moved your post to it’s own topic so I could ask you some questions about your experience and also so I could record the issue as occuring in the latest version.

Firstly, thank you for reporting this issue, if you could please let me know…

  • Were you playing Multiplayer or Single player?
  • Do you recall how much in-game time passed between placing the meat in the crate to retrieving them to eat?
  • Did you save and reload or sleep in game during this time?
  • Was it a regular crate or a starting crate that ws used?
  • While it likely would not have an effect on the issue, can you confirm for me which creatures you got the meat from? This way I can help the team replicate your situation as closely as possible.
  • When cooking and smoking the meat, was it done in one process or was the meat removed at any stage or did the fire go out and need to be refilled at any point?
  • Did you leave your island at any stage while the meat was smoking?

Any additional information you can give me about your gameplay would be greatly appreciated as the aim for the team would be to try to replicate the issue the same way on their internal systems so they can find the cause and work on a fix.

Please also feel free to add anything else you feel may be relevant that my questions above may not have covered.

Thank you.

Did you check so the name changed from “Cooked medium/large meat” to “Smoked medium/large meat” before you took it out of the smoker? I had the same problem first time i cooked meat in the smoker and thought the meat was done when it said “Cooked” but when i Googled it i learnd that it takes twice the time to smoke your meat (first it gets cooked and then it gets smoked) :slight_smile:

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Hi Strandeddeepgeek - welcome to the forums and thank you for sharing your experience and tips with fellow players :slight_smile:

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