Some thoughts/suggestions

First off, love the game thus far. I look forward to seeing the finished product.

As for my suggestions:

Raft related suggestions:

– A hammock. I think it would rather nice to be able to add a hammock to the canopy so that you can sleep/save on your raft without being weighed down by a bed or fearing the bed falling into the sea when a shark rams you unexpectedly.

– a water still for the raft. Granted you will still need fiber but you can collect that from islands.

– A stove for the raft. Not a biggie but would be nice to be able to cook while you sail.

– A way to lash fish traps to the raft so you can use them while at sea.

Misc Crafting suggestions:

These are more the sake of realism.

–Clothes. Yes, yes you start out with clothes but there is no way they would survive extended periods of time in such a situation. Further formal shoes and flats are not at all ideal for these situations and you would be forced or inclined to ditch them, favoring something better suited or bare feet.

–A leaf compass (basically would require are piece of magnetized metal, a leaf, half a coconut, and water). I list this because it would be a neat touch.

–Animal traps. Since we have bird and fish traps. Might as well have something to help with hunting animals. Maybe spike pits (10 or so crude spears, 10 or 15 palm fronds) or something else.


It would be nice if chairs were functional. It is not necessary, obviously, but it would help with immersion. It would be nice to be able to sit on the raft or beach and watch the sunset.

I have a feeling this is planned but will mention it none the less. But it would be nice to customize your character.

My final thought/suggestion, a journal. The idea would be, for those who wish to do so, it would provide a place to take notes. Further it would update a bestiary, so you can see what flora/fauna you have encountered and learn some facts and perhaps get useful hints about what they can be used for, and/or how to deal with them.

Thank you, and I look forward to experiencing the game through its development.

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Thought of another suggestion that I forgot to mention.

The ability to craft containers. Lets be honest, while it is fun to hunt containers for supplies. As well as adding to your storage capacity. I feel like there should be the option to make larger chests/crates. Though at the expense of resources.

One thing that would be really neat is if you could build ways to cook and purify water on the raft for the longer journeys.

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That would be really cool. The question is how would one do that in this without sophisticated desalination equipment. I know it is possible.

Also given the insane number of shipwrecks, including what appears to be an aircraft carrier. This game could easily be a post apocalypse game. which would be fine by me.

You are a survivor. Could not say why you are alone in an island chain but would explain the crazy number of sunken ships. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yet another thought that crossed my mind.

While the game should stay focused on the stranded concept. I think it would be a neat and further engaging to add a side story/mystery.

granted the world is randomly generated and never the same, so the number of shipwrecks may differ. I’m still in my first playthrough, so I’m not sure on this point as of yet. But I feel like it would be neat to add a little mystery/story regarding the island archipelago that you find yourself in.

You know, something that further encourages exploration and engages the players in a way deeper than just simple survival. This mystery/story could range from the supernatural where the archipelago is somehow not visible and ships and planes disappear in the area frequently and are never found. This could further explain why planes don’t seem to notice signal flares and rescue doesn’t seem to ever arrive. To something more grounded in reality but lets be honest, with the bosses in the game I think reality would be a bit boring for it.

Players could find writings in the journals of previous survivors. Maybe you come across caves with writings and drawings.

Ultimately, I’m sure whatever you decide will be phenomenal. Honestly this game is already amazing and it has a million directions you could go with it.

Ok you are probably getting tired of me and my ideas… :grin:

Buuuuut, another idea popped into my head as I was trying to find a way to store a barrel on my raft without it rolling off. Large cargo nets. They could be either hanging, using rope and pullies to raise and lower. Or in the water, lashed to the raft.

Either way it would provide a more reliable way to carry large resources like tires and barrels. Instead of hoping they will stay on the deck of your raft and not fall off and float away.

A thought on sleeping. Given that food + water + sleep is how you heal. I feel like it would make more sense to let people to sleep at any time in the day.

Further, I think it wouldn’t hurt to let people decide how long they sleep/rest but unable to exceed how long it would take you to starve or die from thirst.

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Ok so it has been a few months since I was last active on here. But decided to use this old thread for organization reasons.

So first off, loving the ability to create piles of different resources. And the ability to make containers now.

Now for my suggestion.

So I was doing some hunting, threw a spear at a boar that then started running. But I noticed the number of spears or arrows, but especially the spears, didn’t weigh down the creature at all.

I feel like an animal with 1 or more spears sticking out of it would be weighed down and unable to run at the same speed as if they were unhindered. So maybe projectiles should slow down prey. Obviously spears having the largest hindering effect. And the effect should stack the more projectiles are sticking out of it.

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