Seafarer Achievement Not Unlocking

Im kinda glad that someone else posted an achievement bug… i tried doing the not sleeping on land for 10 days achievement and as the achievement stated i didnt sleep for 10 days stayed on the same island aswell and nothing happened i believe i lasted 12 days before i got bored and slept so that achievement needs looking into aswell

Hi Charlie1992,

I moved your comment to it’s own posts as the achievement you were describing, Seafarer is different to the ones mentioned by GreatAthbi in their original post and I wanted to ask you about some specifics in relation to your own experience.

Can you elaborate more as to what actions you took during those 10 days? I know after a few days stamina can get low, but was there any particular tasks you undertook during these 10 days?

Other than tiredness, did your character remain healthy throughout these 10 days?

During these 10 days, did you save at all? or was the 10 days over one gameplay session without saving the game?

I’ve heard other players mentioning difficulty with unlocking this achievement before and knowing what happened in those 10 days (or as much as you can recall anyway…) may help the team in testing and trying find at what point the achievement became void.

Please also confirm for me that you checked the trophies list on your console outside of the game in case it was an issue with notifications being shown.

Hi clare right the actions i took were nothing above the usual i did the basic eating drinking and just messing around building different houses ect erm killing sharks every couple of days and stocking up fish foods really. I was usually doing a full 24 hours in game then saving at either the tent or sleeping bag then turning the game off. No custom islands no settings have been changed at all it was on normal difficultly as well. I believe after 3 in game days my character got tired and couldnt sprint as normal but remained fully healthy didnt get poisoned or starving or bleeding nothing at all. I didnt do it all in one session i believe it was around 2 or 3 days real life lol if you need anymore info feel free to ask. And also yes i checked the game after and no achievement was there

Thank you for those extra details Charlie1992. I’ll pass these onto the team. I’m not sure if saving / reloading the game has an impact on this achievement (it shouldn’t, but there may be an issue there).

I’ve heard of players unlocking this achievement by leaving their character in a hut with water and food and making sure they don’t die for 10 days, but that is understandably not the most ideal way to go about it, as it would involve leaving the game running.

Another alternative is sleeping at sea using a bedroll on a raft. But I believe you need to be a good bit out from the island for it to work.

I shall submit a report to the team with details of your experience so they can look into what could have prevented this issue from unlocking, as it sounds to me like there should have been no with this achievement unlocking for you.

Edit: I forgot to ask, when you are trying to get this achievement, are you doing so on a generated island, or a custom one?

Ok i shall try and do the 10 days in one hit and see what happens and shall report back with the outcome. And yes completely standard islands no settings have been changed at all :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for confirming your island type and best of luck :crossed_fingers:
Please do let me know if it unlocks for you and I’ll update my report :slight_smile:

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