Gotta craft them all and Magnets, how do they work trophies

Dear Stranded Deep team and Forum members,

Firstly i want to start my email by thanking you for this outstanding game, it is a unique idea and way of playing.

Allow me to share some comments which brings some concerns to me to be able to achieve the platinum trophy on PS5 platform.

1- Gotta craft them all! trophy is not being completed due and i assure you i have done all the requirements under the crafting section but and also the 3 tools belt has been crafted but it remain unlocked in the crafting menu , kindly advise how can we fix this issue?

2- The game needs an urgent update, myself and my friend are not far from achieving the platinum trophy but yesterday my friend got stuck in the middle of the ocean and not able to return to his island due to the technical glitch he is facing whenever he approaches his island and it suddenly disconnects, yes it is very frustrating but we are very confident that your team will be able to assist and allow us to complete the game.

3- Magnets, how do they work? the requirement is to do not use the compass ever, i have open the compass once or twice while i was on my island and i remember i have stored it on the lifeboat (the orange colored one) but never used it to navigate my island, does it count as used or not?

I will appreciate your response on this query to have more clarity on what is next, shall we continue the game or we just give up because of the glitches?

Thank you in advance,

Hi GreatAthbi, welcome to the forums,

Thank you for your questions and feedback. I’ve responded to each of your points below. I have also moved your post to the Console Bug Reports section as I have some questions about the second issue you mentioned. I also removed your full name from the post above as we ask players to avoid sharing any personally identifiable information on the forums.

1. Gotta Craft Them All
The team are aware of an issue with the Gotta Craft Them All trophy unlocking and they are investigating both this and other potentially related issues. In the past this issue was worked around by some players when they crafted one of everything on their home island. But it is possible that the current issue with the tool belt and story items in the crafting menu remaining locked as if they were never crafted may be affecting this, even if the items are crafted.

In your crafting menu, for any items you have crafted but appear locked, has the color behind the item changed? This usually denotes whether it was crafted or not. I am not a dev so I am not sure which way the system counts the item as crafted, but if the color has not changed, then there is a chance it is not being counted.

Unfortunately we do not have a known workaround for this issue.

2. Disconnecting When Facing An Island
I am sorry to hear your friend is facing a glitch when attempting to return to their island. From your descriptions it sounds like you are playing a multiplayer save in version 2083 (this number is at the bottom left of the main menu) on PlayStation with your friend as the host? If this is not the case. Please let me know.

In the past players have had issues in returning to their island when they reach the loading point between two islands. This was more commonly reported in an earlier single player version of the game. When this occurred, players would be returning to their island which would be well established with lots of buildings or a lot of loose items on the island. Is this the case for your friend’s island also?

When experiencing this in the past, players found that looking away from the island as they approached (facing forward with their raft but pointing the camera elsewhere so the island loaded off screen) helped them to get to the island. Please try this and let me know if you have any success. Also, if your friend is traveling by raft and your character is also on the raft. Try traveling separately or with your character only joining and traveling after they reach their island.

If your friend’s situation does not match some of my descriptions above, please provide more information about the steps taken when this issue occurs, the island they are heading to and the gameplay setup in general.

With regards to future updates, the team are working on the next update for the console version of the game. However, they have not yet released a timeline for this update or what it will contain. Any new information on this will be posted in the News and Announcements section as soon as it is available.
In case you missed it, the latest update from Sam is here: Update from the team, 2022-05-03 [Crosspost]

3. Magnets, How Do They Work? Achievement.
The Magnets, How Do They Work? Achievement requires a player not to use a compass during their entire playthrough. Players can move compasses from one container to another or have it in their inventory and drop it, but opening in their hand at any stage will count as using the compass.

The Gyrocopter compass will also not have an impact on this achievement, it is only related to the hand held compass.

Please also note, if you are playing as player2 on your friends game, “Magnets, How Do They Work?” and “Out of the Frying Pan” will only unlock for the host at the end of the game. This is to prevent anyone who joined the game as player2 at the very end of the host’s playthrough getting the achievements after avoiding the work to do so.

I hope the information above helps, if I missed anything, please let me know. I understand the issues with trophies in particular can be very frustrating for players and I am sorry I do not have any further information on workarounds or timelines for fixes at this time.

Any extra details you can provide about your experienced of the issues you mentioned would be greatly appreciated as I can pass these details onto the team members working on them.

Thank you.

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Hi Clare, thank you so much for the valuable information, regarding the compass, i haven’t open it on purpose to be honest and i was just moving it from the bag to another inventory crate but it’s by force opens by itself once it’s in hands, how the game will treat this action as used compass or what?

Regarding the disconnection, yes we are playing a multiplayer session and my friend is the host and now he is on his server by his own and not able to reach to his island, and when ever he’s close to it the game crashes immediately.

I will check the rest of the workarounds you have mentioned and get back to you ASAP.

Thanks again,

Hello Clare,

So in summary, the compass has not been used as a real use for direction or navigation, it opens by itself the time I carry it from a place to another on the hands.

Regarding the crafting trophy I can confirm all the items has been crafted and the color of each has been changed from grey to colored except the tool belt the remaining 3 still appears as locked and I’m sure that I’ve crafted all of them. I have attached a photo to show you how does it look.

Currently I paused the game since I’m afraid I won’t be able to achieve the platinum trophy and I hope you can help with that.

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Hi GreatAthbi,

Thank you for that extra information. First of all, regarding the compass, from the information I have it is my understanding that holding the compass in the players hands, even without focusing on it / using it, would block the achievement. However as the information I have does not go into such detail, I have sent a question to the team to get confirmation on this for you. As the team are very busy, it may take some time for them to respond so please bear with me in that regard.

Next, the Gotta Craft Them all achievements. If all items, including the story items have the color background, it is possible that this issue with crafting the tool belt is preventing this achievement from unlocking for you. I will pass this image you sent onto the team also and note for them that this issue is potentially blocking your achievement. It is possible you have crafted everything for the toolbelt, however a recent glitch caused toolbelt progress to become locked again, and some players have needed to use the workaround of crafting the first item, reloading and then crafting the first item again to unlock the next toolbelt slot. While there is a workaround for crafting all the toolbelt slots, there is currently no workaround for unlocking items in the crafting menu.

Lastly, with regards to your friend’s issue, please let me know if looking away from the island, or looking up at the sky on approach works for them. I think I know which issue this relates to, but would need to know more information about the island itself. If it is not too much trouble, please ask your friend for the following information (there may be some questions here your can answer also):

  • Does the island have a lot of loose items on it?

  • Are there any large buildings on the island?

  • Does your friend use a lot of containers and container shelves on the island?

  • Is the raft they’re traveling on a large one? Please describe the raft and if there is a significant amount of items / containers on the raft itself.

  • How old is the save (when was it first created)

  • How many in-game days have passed?

  • Can they travel to other islands without issue? Is the base island the only island causing this issue?

  • When saving, are1 they saving on their raft or on their island? Are they using a shelter or a bedroll to do so?

  • Before this issue started occurring, and before the crashing when saving started, what were they doing on the island they were on? Was it stripped of resources or was a lot changed on the island?

  • Were they traveling from more than one island away?

  • Anything else they feel may be relevant to their issue regarding their gameplay setup?

I understand it’s a lot of questions. But any additional information that they can provide may help the team to narrow down what could be causing an issue like this.

Thank you.