Raft vanishing issue

More than 80 days grinding in the game. I save the game, exit to the main menu, look at the cartographer… When I load the game again, my giant raft is gone… will all the stuff in it.
It had 2 anchors so no… it didn’t go with the waves. I know what happened:
A) Unity is a piece of crap. I know because I use it every day.
B) The team working on this bug is not much concerned with fixing it or it’s incompetent. There are reports of this since 2015… Please, I develop games myself… don’t feed the players crap about looking into it. Your money is earned.

Hi Tapeslack,

Firstly, I’m sorry to hear this issue occurred for you in your game.
From reports we’ve had from other players it appears that checking the cartographer before returning to your save may be related to this occurring on consoles. This matching up with what you described and I add this info to my report for the team.

While I do not know the details of the issue from the console team’s side, I am gathering what info and workarounds I can in the following post for players - [Known Issue] Rafts/Gyro vanishing after sleep/save - I completely understand how frustrating this issue can be, especially for players such as yourself that lose a lot of materials when it happens.

We value all feedback (good and bad) for the game but ask that when reporting issues that you please adhere to the rules of the forums - Rules and Guidelines - Stranded Deep - when commenting and avoid insulting staff members.

To prevent further posting in an older thread, I have also moved your post to it’s own thread in the bug reports section.

Didn’t mean to insult anyone, but a bug this serious, 5 years old…

I did not lose a lot of material…I lost ALL the material and now I’m really deep stranded in an island with zero wood left. Very close to finishing the game… How fun!

Constructive criticism is welcome, but criticize ideas , not people. Ok, sorry if I was rude. Well here is one idea:
Why doesn’t the team share the save file data structure? That way the “community” can create a save file editor and bring the rafts back…

Hi Tapeslack,

It is my understanding that modifications to games and save data on Playstation and Xbox is against the terms of service. It is not possible for us to share the details of save files from these versions.