[2104] Raft missing issue

It’s still not fixed,
My Raft vanished today.

The biggest issue I’m having is that I didn’t knew about this bug so I had 7 Crates on my raft, 1 of those contained all my Antidotes.

This is a Game breaking bug and I don’t want to play this Game anymore.
I already had to delete my savegame because I got poisoned, had low health and had no Pipi Plants so I started a new Game and planted Pipi right at the beginning which takes forever to grow.

I saw that this bug exist forever and I got no hope that it will ever be fixed…that’s what I expect from Developers, just release a buggy game, ask for a lot of money and never fix it. What’s wrong with the Devs these Days?
I’m glad that I played this via Gamepass because I won’t buy this Game.

I’m ready to buy Games that I tested and work flawlessly without any game breaking bugs.

I bought Subnautica for the Switch, Xbox and Playstation after I played it via Gamepass, but Stranded Deep is not a Game I will buy for any Console as long as it has so many issues.

Hi Club_Michas, welcome to the forums,

I moved your comment to a new topic so I could address your issue directly and also because it was commenting on an older thread. There have been a few issues reported over time that have similar results where rafts vanish for players. I have some additional questions for you if you don’t mind as knowing more information will help me determine if it’s a current issue, a new issue or an older issue that has potentially resurfaced.

Please let me know:

  • Are you playing in Single Player or Multiplayer?
  • Please check the center of the island you’re on, and if you can get to it, the starting island in the center of the map. Some players have reported finding their raft is stuck in the middle of the island.
  • Do you recall where you saved previously with the raft? Some players have found their raft save data did not update correctly and the raft was in a previously saved location.
  • When you saved, were you on land or on your raft?
  • If you saved on your raft, were you out from the island / between islands and was the anchor down at the time?

I completely understand how frustrating issues like this are for players and any additional information you can provide about your experience would be greatly appreciated by myself and the team.

The team are working to fix issues reported by players as quickly as possible but I also understand if you decide not to continue with Stranded Deep and equally appreciate your feedback about the game and the effect issues have had for you - I shall pass this onto the team.

Thank you.

Hi Clare,

I didn’t know you could save on a raft and never thought of trying to craft a shelter on the raft… Instead, I build a water collector, fire and shelter (in that order) on every island I visit.

I’m nearing 200 days and not ready to start again and lose all my work - maybe when I am ready…

Its kind of a shame there’s not multiple save slots (maybe there is and I just didn’t look), but it may be fun to play a scenario where I’m a water-bourne gypsy… lol :rofl: :joy: :rofl:

You can’t build a shelter on the Raft but you can make a sleeping bag and drop that on to the Raft to save.

Edit: there are 4 different save slots