[Ps5/ps4] [2071] [multiplayer] keep getting disconnected in a friends server

I would constantly get kicked out of my friends server that he created for us. It would kick me out with a cannot connect to server error. Please please fix this

Hi Nathan_shooter, welcome to the forums,

I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing persistent disconnects. Can you confirm for me which console you’re playing on and if your friend is on the same or if one of you is playing on the PS5 and the other is on a PS4?

Please also let me know:

  • What is your region set to and what region is your friend using to host?

  • What is your NAT type and the NAT type of your host (this should be in your consoles network settings)

  • Does your friend have any issues when starting to host the game?

Any extra information you can provide about your experience would be greatly appreciated as it may help the team in investigating this issue.

Hi i just want to report im constantly having the same issue, here is a little more info, we are both playing on ps4 mine is an old ps4 model and hers is a ps4 slim model, the region is set to Auto, both our NAT are NAT 2, we have no issues starting the game, the issue seems to take a little longer to happen when we deactivate the wildlife however it will eventually just kick my friend from the game.

Thank you for that information @edcalde - can you confirm for me what region you are in, even if in the game you use “Auto”? And have you tried any other regions.

The connection to the wildlife is interesting…I’ll note this for the team are they are investigating the wildlife for the interaction issue too.

we both live in south America, what fix it for us after trying several different regions was to log in to India after trying on that region we where able to play several hours without getting disconnected.

Thank you for letting me know edcalde. Team are looking into connection issues for players including issues based on regions and it’s good to know what has been successful for players.

If you notice anything else with your connections or anything you feel could be triggering your disconnect when playing, please let me know.

Hi so I’ve been having the same issue on ps5 . Me and my friend (also on ps5) been trying out coop since the interaction bug update. I’ve Done a solo run with no issues. Thought it was dysync from the boxes but not sure on it. I’ve also had issues with a leather or clay flask becoming a clone when I dc and rejoin becoming unusable. We both have the same nat type and been playing games together for years. I tried playing with 2 other friends and still get Error and dc. Any ideas?

Hi Blazen2up, welcome to the forums,

I’m sorry to hear this issue is also affecting your saves. Have you noticed if you experience frequent disconnects after one of you drinks from a flask? Particularly one that was shared. Please also let me know if you frequently notice your watch times and days desyncing.

I believe there may be a few different factors affecting disconnects and I will make a note of what you’ve mentioned so far for the team.

My only other suggestion would be to try an alternate region to your own and instead of selecting auto. Please let me know if this helps at all.

Hi Clare. So since the flask are bugged I don’t drink from them. We tested it out and I do dc when the host drinks from a flask sometimes. I have seen our days not matching up on the watch followed by a dc. I’ve also dc’ed with our days the same . And we have tried joining different servers but get errors before even creating the lobby. Not sure what to do anymore. So I was screen sharing on ps5. The time of day didn’t sync up and I dc.Like it was early morning on my screen and on his the sun was out already. Hope any of this helps . Thanks for your time.

Hi Blazen2up, sorry for the delay in responding to your message. Thank you for providing those extra details and I will update each of the reports I have relating to disconnects and desyncs with the relevant information for the team.

While I understand it is not ideal, and that your watches don’t always desync before disconnecting, a number of players have mentioned trying to use the watches to track the desync and saving and reloading if they find any differences. This can help to resync the game and hopefully prevent some disconnects that may be a result of desync

Thank you for also letting me know the region change did not have an impact on your disconnects and what the results of changing them were.


First off the server stability patch that was implemented was working great. Been playing today with a buddy both of us on PS5. UNTIL…
I climb up a ladder and because there’s no prompt to connect back to it, I fell all the way down to break my leg.
Buddy goes to grab the mats for a splint and legit disconnects when he gets back and is standing right next to me.
I have to swim back to shore to get the mats and OF COURSE I get attacked by a shark…still alive though.
Get to the shore, get 2 lashing and just need 2 sticks aaaaaaaand I get attacked and killed by a giant crab.

I don’t mind dying to my idiocy but when I get killed because of game stability issues, its extremely frustrating.

I love the game, Beam Team. Just frustrated and needed to vent.

Hi @sh8ks2k5 - Thank you for that feedback. I will pass it onto the team, I know they are continuing to investigate desyncs and disconnects between players and will add your experience to my report. I completely understand that this is frustrating for players I understand the need to vent too.

While your friend went to get the materials, did you stay in the one location with your character or were you performing other actions at the same time? (I know this can be tricky with broken bones, but just want to make sure)

I apologize for the delay. And thank you for your reply. I was moving around the boat I fell on, but not much.

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Thanks for letting me know @sh8ks2k5 - I don’t think that should have too much of an impact but I’ll note it for the team anyway, just incase.

Yes I’ve been getting disconnected alot from my friends server. We will be playing and then I wouldn’t be able to interact with anything, then I will get disconnected from server, then 2 to 3 second later, my friend gets disconnected. I’m not sure what going on, we would load back the save, won’t even be in the server for like 5 minutes then it happens again.

Hi Lukeassult,

Can you confirm for me what server you are playing on? The host getting disconnected too I believe is a different issue as typically with disconnect reports it is just player 2 that loses connection. If you use “Auto” please try selecting a specific region or if you normally chose a specific region, try picking a different one to see if that helps at all.

Hello Clare, I wanted to ask is there a problem with EU servers because me and my friend have been playing on 150-200+ ping on stranded deep for a week and don’t know how to fix it could you help?, another thing, My server is on EU and my friends server is on Auto but when he tries to put his on EU it won’t let him connect to server, is there any way to fix this or no? And is there a way to put a bar on screen to show my ping?

Hi Aaron, welcome to the forums,

I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing issues with connectivity - thank you for reporting them to us. The team checked the servers recently and found no issue with the EU region. However I will ask them to look into this again as your friend switching from Auto to EU and not being able to connect is of concern. Just so I can confirm it for the team, can you tell me what NAT type both you and your friend are playing on?
I do not believe is a way to display ping in the console version in the way you described, however I will pass this onto the team as a suggestion too. I unfortunately do not have a workaround for this but I will alert the team and if they have any suggestions I will post them here.

I running on a PS4 Slim and so is my Friend, we both have 30-40Mb/s + connection speed(download) and 4-6Mb/s connection speed(Upload), were both on the EU server and we are running on 300-700+ Ping in both of our Servers, my friend join but then Disconnects 10-15 minutes later saying “disconnected from server, please check internet connection”. I’ve tried multiple ways to make my Internet work better to run the game on a lower ping but doesn’t seem to work, my friend stopped playing the game because of this ! Just a question but in the future will this game be 3 or 4 player because I have more friends either playing solo or in a duo but I would love if we could all come into 1 island and play, it would be so much fun !

Hi Aaron, thank you for sharing the details of your connection types. If you look in the network connection section of your console, what is listed under the NAT type for both of you? - this is just to rule out any potential issues there.
I understand this is frustrating for both yourself and your friend and I will pass this feedback as well as the details of your connection onto the team members looking into this.
With regards to more players in multiplayer, I have not heard of any plans from the team about increasing multiplayer numbers, but I will add your count to a suggestion list I have for the team.

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