[Ps5][2104] [multiplayer bug] not getting crafts for multiplayer boss kills

There have been no changes made to anything, nothing at all. Im a new player playing with my wife on multiplayer.

We’re playing on a private server.

We have killed “the meg” and “the great lusca”, the game said we have received the trophies and crafting items, but the story crafting items still remain locked.

Any suggestions? We really do not want to restart our game, if only the same thing were to happen.

This has been a problem for around a year now. They always say they are looking into it but nothing has been done about it.

Started playing about a week ago my first take on the game “ fun new game still in progress” ran into this same exact problem and [edited -Clare] that this game has been out for about 2 years for simple problems like this to exist. The game had a work around at least until the patch 4 weeks ago and now the game is physically unbeatable because [Edited -Clare] THE DEV TEAM PATCHED THE ******* WORK AROUND AND NOT THE ACTUAL PROBLEM. way to ruin your own dam game .

@PaPaBowner, welcome to the forums,

I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing this issue in your save. This is one the team are aware of and are currently working on and testing the fix. Unfortunately after the update to 2104, the workaround for this issue no longer works whereas before players were able to find items via the quick crafting menu instead.

The team believe they’ve found the cause of the issue and are working to release a fix for the community asap. I unfortunately do not have a timeline for this fixes release but I do know this is one of the teams top priorities right now and will update the community via this post if I hear any more info - https://forums.strandeddeepgame.com/t/known-issue-ps4-xb1-crafting-menu-reset-story-items-locked/4068

@Bericson38, welcome to the forums,

While an issue with story items was reported last year with the workaround of using the quick crafting menu, I have stressed to the team on behalf of the community the importance of fixing this issue, especially with all story items locked and the workaround no longer working. As mentioned above the team are working on a fix for the issue and are working to release it for the community asap.

@Ltanner5, welcome to the forums,

While I understand this issue is very frustrating for players and the workaround no longer works after the update for 2104 - which was not the team’s intention to patch only the workaround but not the issue - please be mindful of your posts and keep them respectful. We have no issues with players providing feedback, positive or negative about their experience of playing the game, but name calling and accusations towards anyone in the community, including the dev team, is not allowed and goes against our Rules and Guidelines - Stranded Deep - circumventing the language filter is also not allowed. As such I have edited your post.

Again, I completely understand how frustrating this issue is for players but please keep your posts respectful on our forums. Thank you.