[PS4Pro][1.11]The game is stuck then I save the game

We also have problem with game. Saving the game, whether on the bed or on the shelter, hangs the game and no longer loads.
After the game hangs, ‘‘Cleaning up’’ appears on the screen when trying to load the saved one, and even after half an hour without any changes.We restarted a few times and it seems to me to get stuck by chance, without any order, at least I didn’t notice any system.
Have to start all over again, which is very demotivating to get back to it again. Because the game is very dynamic, just great! 3 people play on one console from separate accounts, single game, not online. Maybe it’s just a coincidence, but for us, the problem started after the PS4 Pro system software updates to the latest version. We started playing in November and for the first 3 weeks we had no problems. Is there any hope that bugs in the game will be fixed in the near future?

One of the last: #478254784, #999999999

Any custom Islands, any changes only seed #999

The console has recently been reset to factory settings, it is only a few games on the console, all data is stored in the console. Online games are not played.

Hi JOlisija, welcome to the forums,

I’m sorry to hear you have experienced this issue in your saves. In case you have not seen it, I have a Known Issues report on this here: [Known Issue][PS4/XB1] Stuck in "Cleaning Up" phase on load - please note that this overs an earlier version of the issue, a hotfix, and now the increased reports of the issue after the update to 2078. The latest from the team is that they have found a fix for at least one trigger of the issue and are working to get it released to the community.

Please let me know…

  • In your save, did you ever lose or dump anything in the ocean before this issue occurs?

  • When starting a new save, were you able to travel to a new island and save or did the freeze occur then too?

  • Do you recall any of the actions taken before one of your freezes occured? I believe there may be multiple triggers for this issue and the more info we have on what players did or experienced before or during saving may provide clues as to what those triggers can be.

I completely understand how disheartening this issue can be. With regards to workarounds, it appears this issue is mainly affecting single player saves. You may find you are able to progress better if you play a multiplayer game solo and in private mode so no one else can join. This is the same game as single player mode except the label maker does not work in multiplayer.

Another player also reported that when the game freezes they can enter the options menu and if they set the wildlife to passive, it can stop the freeze. I don’t yet know what long term effects this has on the save but it may be worth trying if you get stuck again.

I know these workarounds are not ideal, but I hope they can be of some help while the team continues to work on this issue.

I will try to take your advice.
My game version is the latest.
In seed # 478254784, when I started the game, I visited 2 islands, in the third I decided to stay, I built a shelter and only saved the game for the first time from the beginning and immediately got stuck. I lost nothing at sea or on land :slight_smile:
In the seed # 999999999 I had already visited several islands and got stuck in the game when I got back to the original island, saving in the shelter. The only thing that could have been lost was the excavated but not all the collected clay at the bottom of the sea. I didn’t notice any more that I had lost anything.
I will try to play in Multiplayer mode.
And what changes will happen in the game when I choose wildlife to passive mode?

I don’t get why the game doesn’t have an auto save feature Alla xcom

Noteworthy idea! Maybe already considering about it.

Hi JOlisija,

Thank you for confirming those details and your seed numbers for me. A hotfix was released that should prevent the issue from occuring if items are lost at sea or through the ground. However the team are still investigating other triggers so playing on Multiplayer may still be best if you’re happy to do so for now.

Setting the wildlife to passive will stop some creatures from attacking you. The player that reported this workaround noted that if the freeze is stopped this way, loose items on an island may be thrown up into the air if they are not secured (in containers on container shelves). However they did note that they could then save without issue, change the wildlife setting back to default and continue playing. When they experienced the issue a second time and repeated the workaorund, they were able to follow the same steps and continue playing - I hope this helps!