PS4 / v1.14 / sails

Created a new game, single player. Played a couple of game days, stripping the island of all but rock and clay formations. Built a stick raft base:. |||
I then built the stick floorboards. I can place the rudder but I can not place the sail. I tried placing the raft in the water, propped on chests, no effect. Changed to a plank floor, still unable to place a sail.

Seed:. 0000000666

Hi Daniel5940, welcome to the forums,

I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing difficulty in placing your sail on your raft. Thank you for reporting this and including the description of your raft too.

Another player Dios1 reported a similar issue with placing a canopy on their raft. They received error notifications that the canopy was too close to other items to place. Are you seeing similar notifications if you try to place it? In the end they found that reloading the game and dragging it back onto land helped them to place their canopy. They had also built and removed an item from the area where they wanted to place the canopy on the raft. Link to Dios1’s similar report: Raft canopy not placing

Have you quit the game entirely and reloaded your save and then tried to place the sail? You may also wish to try clearing the cache of your console by shutting down and unplugging for 2 mins before reloading.
It may also be worth trying to place another item such as a canopy, if possible, in the location where you want your sail, reloading the game and then destroying it before attempting to place the sail in the same spot.

Please also let me know…

  • Is the placement indicator displaying as red in all locations or does it display as white but you are still unable to place it?
  • You mentioned you started a new game, have you experienced issues with placing items on rafts in previous saves?
  • Are any of your settings different for this playthrough?

Any extra info you can provide can be of great help to the team in investigating the cause of this and I shall add it to my report on placement issues for them. If there are any other issues in your gameplay you’ve noticed that you feel may be related, please do let me know.

Thank you.