Raft canopy not placing

[xbox1][current Version]

Hi all, having problems with the raft canopy. It won’t place anywhere on the raft. It just keeps saying to close to structure, doesn’t matter where the floor is (ie. one that’s clear on each side or one that has a sail or shelf next to it)
Anyone else have this problem?

Hi Dios1,

Thank you for reporting this, I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble placing the raft canopy. Can you confirm for me what type of raft flooring you are trying to place it on?

Does the objects ghost appear red when trying to place it or does it look like it can be replaced before giving you an error?

Hi Clare, I have a mix of plank and corrugated. Some have either a mast or shelves next to them and some are completely empty on all sides. The ghost is just red on each one

Hi Dios1, thank you for confirming that for me.

Is your raft on land or on the water when you’re trying this? If you’re on land, please try dragging it to the water and attempting to place the canopy, or vice versa.

Is you base a mix of materials too?

Was there ever anything else in these blank areas on the raft that you broke down so you could place the canopy?

While I understand it’s not idea resource wise, would it be possible to check if you can place the canopy on a stick raft floor? (if you don’t save then you should be able to revert to the previous version of your raft.)

Hi Clare. I came back today and it would let me place the canopy in the initial spot I wanted, then moving the whole raft onto land it let me place onto the other spots where it wouldn’t before, so just a weird big I guess

But aslo, yes there was a mast in the original spot that I broke down and moved. The raft bases are a mix of bouy, tyre and barrel. I tried a stick floor and it worked, but that was after it already let me place it in the original position

Hi Dios1,

Sorry for my delay in responding to you. Thank you for answering my questions and for also letting me know moving the raft to land helped. While I’m glad to hear that you were able to add the canopy to your raft, I’m going to submit a report to the team about this anyway so we can keep an eye on it.

If you happen to have further issues with adding items to your raft, please do let me know.