[PS4-PS5] Frequent disconnects with Co-Op v1.11 (2074)

I am trying to play this game with a friend…I’m on PS5 and he is on PS4. We are experiencing frequent disconnects…this evening, it was 7 in 2 hours of play. We have to quit out to the main menu to re-join our session.

I’ve read others say this happens when sailing or drinking, etc…for us, it happens randomly. Standing still, sailing, walking, crafting, etc. It just disconnects.

This always happens to the person who isn’t hosting…because of the way the game works, only I can host (on PS5). So, my buddy is the one who is disconnecting.

This is getting very frustrating.


I’ve been frustrated by this issue to. He’s hosting on ps4, I have ps5.

Hi Timmah200, welcome to the forums.

I’m sorry to hear this issue is affecting your save also. Thank you for letting me know you have not noticed in occuring in a similar pattern to what others have mentioned. If you do start to notice a pattern, please let me know.

Please confirm for me what NAT types both you and your friend have, and what region you are using. While this may not be related as you are able to start playing I like to keep track of any potential connections for the team. Can you also elaborate by what you mean where only you can host?

Please also let me know if this is a new save created in 2074 or one created earlier, how many days into the save you are.

Have you ever experienced a watch desync in your save where your watches show different dates or times? If you frequently sleep during gameplay, please try having your friend initiate sleep each time and let me know if that helps at all.

Sure thing!

Althought I am tech literate to an extent, I’m not sure what you mean by “NAT” type. We are both on ~1Gig internet speeds, if that is what you are looking for. The region for both of us is US West; I’m in Alaska and he’s in California. We play games together all the time, so I know it isn’t my location (haha).

As far as I know, it’s been 2074 the whole time. I can’t be sure of this, though.

Yes, we’ve been playing for about two weeks now, and this has been a persistent problem since we started, it just seems it was really bad yesterday. I have not noticed any desync’s in our saves, but when he disconnects, food he’s placed on the smoker will disappear sometimes and the water servings in his clay flask will also disappear.

A couple of days ago, I tried having him host, but when he went to load the game online, there was no “Continue” option for him; only “New Game.” To me, this means that he cannot load our current save. When I start to load the game online, I have a “Continue” option available to me. I assume this means that only I have access to the save data…? Even though he will sometimes save the game at a shelter or sleeping bag. Sometimes I save the game.

I will have him try to initiate a sleep cycle and see if that helps. Our first disconnect yesterday came less than two minutes loading in…we barely did anything. I can 99.9% garuntee that it’s not an internet connection issue…both our connections are solid.

Any help is appreciated.

I have also been disconnecting from my husband frequently, with little connection between them. Once while sailing, once organizing items to leave an island (and when I disconnected, 3 crates vanished off our raft but we didn’t notice until after he saved. RIP crates), once while eating… Etc

Hi Timmah200,

Thank you for that information, I’ll make a note of the food and water servings vanishing when your friend disconnects for the team also.

Some information for yourself for future reference:

NAT Types
NAT stands for Network Address Translation and is how your router works to translate IP addresses. You will find this listed in your Network settings on your PlayStation. There are 3 types:

NAT 1 / Open
NAT 2 / Moderate
NAT 3 / Strict

Different NAT types can affect multiplayer connections for games. Some believe the best kind of NAT for multiplayer is NAT 1 as it has no restrictions, but does come with it’s own pros and cons for your connection. Most players will be NAT 2, and some may find themselves using NAT 3.

If a host is NAT 1, a NAT 2 or 3 can join them without issue. A host with NAT 2 can have another NAT 2 join or a NAT 1 but NAT 3 will have difficulty and may not connect at all. A host with NAT 3 may have some luck with a NAT 1 joining but may find it difficult to connect with other types.

As you are able to start a game without issue, I would imagine your NAT types are not what is affecting your gameplay but it is likely an error occuring within the game causing the disconnection and is possibly relating to desyncing in some cases too. If you decide to try change your NAT type, I recommend researching the pros and cons beforehand so you can make your own decision on whether it’s something you wish to try.

Multiplayer Saves
You are correct in your assumption that you are the only one who has access to the save data as a host. The multiplayer saves are maintained in a slot on the host’s console. As the host you are able to enter the save without your friend, but they cannot enter the save unless you have started to host it first.

Each slot can hold one single player and one multiplayer save. They use the same seed number and layout in the cartographer.

When accessing a save slot, the “Days Survived” in the main menu refers to the days survived in the single player save. For multiplayer, this stat is shown in the pause menu of the multiplayer game.

If you have any questions about either of those, please let me know and I’ll do my best to answer them.

Please do also let me know if your friend initiating sleep has helped in game at all.

Thanks for letting me know Sunnyleigh, I’ll share this list with the team investigating disconnects.

Been having this same issue for weeks now. Both of us are on PS5. We’ve tried:
Using the USA-West server even though we’re on the east.
Removing the wildlife from the main menu, loading in and putting them back in.
And a few other things we’ve seen in the forum.

It’s completely random when he disconnects. Also after disconnecting I cannot create another session. Just receive a “TIMEOUT. Cannot connect to server” error. Even after closing the app and restarting.


This is really frustrating. We enjoy this game alot, I haven’t been able to play with my Partner. It’s been 2 weeks, we get on and try today. Still disconnecting within Like 5 minutes. Any update on weather the team is getting this resolved?


I wantes to complain aswel ffs how come my buddy disconects non stop … its impossible to play like this we even have trouble getting 2 the next island since not enough lashes can be made to build a save hut and a raft ! + fix the poison ■■■■ olmost nowhere is pipi to be found and no other antidode

I understand this issue is very frustrating for players. The team are working on resolving disconnect issues. In the mean time to hopefully avoid this post being the main hub for reports and feedback, I have created a known issues post here: [Known Issue][PS4/XB1] Multiplayer Disconnects

Please remember when reporting issues and sharing feedback on the game to be respectful and follow the rules of the forums.